Planned Parenthood Evenson Center CLOSED PERMANENTLY!

A fellow congregant informed me that the Evenson Center has closed permanently. This particular place of death was the the first Abortion clinic i began to preach at. It began by going to a protest with my mother and being convicted to be preaching on the corner proclaiming Good News alongside the protesting of sin and then later I preached there during my lunchtimes for roughly 6 months before being called to the fulton street slaughter house.

As i preached at the Evenson center on 36th and Byron Center i witnessed many people with hard hearts grow harder, i witnessed the apathy of people as they left the parking lot and ignored the killing and the preaching and i witnessed people respond to the preaching by turning away from the place of death in tears all because of the Law and the Gospel. As much wonders that i saw, I will not miss that place one bit. I believe the Gospel witness there helped to close that particular clinic and may it do so on Fulton.

Praise be unto the Sovereign God and King of all creation. If you participated in the murder of your baby (however difficult of a situation it may have been) at Evenson Center and youve not by Gods grace found forgiveness offered through Christ by faith alone, please contact me. I long to share the Gospel with you and show you the grace and mercy that is offered to you in Christ Jesus through the calling of the Holy Spirit. He is the Rock and Redeemer, and those who come to Him, He will not cast out. See yourself in your sin, misery and need and repent (turn from your sin), place your faith (your trust) in Jesus Christ and recieve Him as Lord and Savior. He will save your guilty and weary soul not because of who you are, but despite who you are and because of who He is. Come to the cross. Salvation from Gods wrath and freedom from sin, satan and yourself is a free gift, but its offered in Christ alone. I encourage you to read John chapter 3 today.

Unlike abortion (murder), i do not want to take something from you but desire to restore you and give you life now and for eternity. Come and see the love of God that is found in Christ, come to the cross. Be reconciled to your God and be His child. This is not exhaustive. I love you, and i know a congregation full of people who do as well.

John 3:16



Joel beautifully proclaims the Lord and responds Biblically to an unbeliever who is attempting to be judge over God and His Word.

Joel loves an unbeliever


Join us Saturday at 10 am at New City Fellowship as the Outreach and Evangelism subcommittee presents: Biblical Street Apologetics with Stephen Nylen of Frontline Apologetics Street Ministry. You want to be there! Grab a Bible, a Pen, some paper and compassion!


3-7-17 Happy Birthday Cristian!

The Team: Joel, Darryl, Sean, Myself

Scripture: Romans 1

The Lord blessed the outreach from the get go. As soon as Joel and I got out of our vehicles to greet one another, Cristian came rolling by on his bike. We spoke of the folly of Roman Catholicism and what justification and sanctification look like from a true biblical standpoint. It was a profitable conversation and then we did a starburst flavor challenge and to celebrate Cristians 18th birthday!! He guessed it right! STRAWBERRY! We gave him some tracts and he made mention that he distributed on on the bus. Praise the Lord from whom all blessings flow!

While we spoke to Cristian, a gentleman strangely walked over and stood in our circle and asked what was going on in this part of the neighborhood. He said hed been abused as a child and we took opportunity to share with Him the compassion that Christ gives to people through His Gospel. As Joel spoke to Cristian and I spoke to this gentleman (whos name i cant recall), Darryl and Sean showed up. I prayed for the man and gave him a tract and information to New City and then we prayed and evangelized for 20 minutes. God did great work with the limited time we had.

Joel engaged with many souls, and so did Sean and Darryl as they passed out tracts. I spoke with several people who slowed thier vehicles to hear the preaching, including a young man whom, once he realized inwas speaking directly to him, shrunk back in his seat and then proceeded to pul out a fake bloodied hand (haloween prop) and slowly wave it toward me. I continues to preach to him, while it was quite surprising to occur. Pray for him. He was responding to the Word of God, but it was in his pride and mockery of the God he knows exisits. We saw some more regulars and then the night came to a close. On the way back to the truck, John, a regular at New City walked by and i was homored to bless him with a bus pass andxa bottle of water. Its nice to have equipment, however small, to bless someone practically as well.

Could you pray for dear Cristian? That his 18th year of life would be rich soil and that God would cause him to grow in the grace and knowledge of Christ. He has more surgeries ahead of him, but is assures that he is a soldier in Gods Army. Thank you


3-14-17 Never Forgotten: Stroy Pittman Jr

The Team: Joel and myself

Scripture: Romans 1:16-17

Wherever you stand, it will be before the Lord. Whatever you confess, it will be a confession that Christ is Lord. Every knee will bow before thier Creator. You will either stand justified by faith in Christs righteousness alone, or you will stand guilty and stand under Gods righteousness in judgement.

Today was different for me. My anxiety was high, my worry became sinful and Scripture seemed to escape my mind as water from a strainer. However, it was the Lord who kept me and persisted the endeavor to bring His Gospel to the streets of SE Grand Rapids, it was the Lord who gave me strength to repent and then proclaim His fame.

1 year ago, young, Stroy Pittman Jr was murdered in his apartment off Ottillia. Left behind was his significant other, Mahogany, and his precious son. Todays proclamation was to put us in view that we are no better than the murderer and that we do not know the numbers of our days. That God does not save based upon our “not being as bad as that guy”.

We continue to mourn with our community a year later and we bring this to mind so that people are aware that local preaching invests in the lives of the community and it brings compassion to people through the compassion that God had for us in that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for the ungodly. Sometimes people wonder why im consistent to go to certain locations. It is because i love God (He has called me there) and i love you and make myself available to you. Come and talk so i can tell you of the love of God that is found in Christ through the powerful regeneration of the Holy Spirit, so we can pray for you and offer you help. Come, so you can hear of the Good News of Jesus. He can renew you through His Word and make you a new creation, born again! We confront yhe sin of our community, its individuals and ourselves with the truth and we bring the Gospel to these situations because Christ heals the hurting and only through the Christian worldview can you make sense of suffering. We love you. Come all who are weary and heavy laden, Christ will give you rest as He saves you from the righteouss wrath of God. We bring Gods Word promises, not our own. This unlike so many peddlers of Gods Word, who blaspheme His name and twist doctrine to fit thier soul damning agendas. We enter these streets and Christ did Jerusalem, proclaiming “Repent and believe”. We love you.

Many heard of justification by faith alone today, but not of a faith that is alone. Joel helped a family jump thier vehicle and passed out many tracts. Despite the Feels Like 8 degrees temperature, people not only rolled thier windows down, but they kept them down. A few gentleman mocked and recorded the preaching, i pray it goes social as faith comes vy hearing the Word of God 🙂 While my face and fingers became numb from the cold, my heart was warmed by the Gospel.

3-14-17 1


Children ARE A Heritage From The Lord

In The Morning When I Rise….with a 10 year old

Scripture: Romans 8

The Team: Eleana (my 10 yr old neice and Myself)

Quite a bit here, but id like to remember it and remind my neice of it in the future.

Ive got to keep this short, however, last night we were blessed, as everytime before, to have my neice and her sister (neices) stay the night in our home. We enjoyed scripture reading, family worship over a fire and “Act”ing out Pauls Shipwreck, playing videogames, watching movies about “the little people” who live in our walls, laughing and dancing and having Leyanna teach them line dances and how to cuddle like puppies. It was a wonderful night and it is always so memorable!

Last night as Eleana and I had our “God talks”, she asked me if she could join me in some Open Air preaching. I believe that open air ministry, while i encourage families to come participate, tends to be more dangerous and so i thought it appropriate to not have her stand by me while i hit the open air without me having a team with me and parental permission. She continued to plead with me that she really wanted to go out, despite the weather and anxious barriers. She was persistent and so i told her that if she could wake up in the morning early with me and prepare, that when we rose, we would go give people Jesus in one on one conversations and a local bus stop that ive been drawn to.

As soon as i came downstairs and looked at her sleeping, she openes her eyes and said she was going with me on this cold and wet morning. We had a wonderful devotional time talking of her great great grandmother Phyllis DenBraber , Romans 8 and singing and praying. We packed up our tracts and bibles and fruit breakfast and went to buy orange juice and cheese (ask me later) to distribute along with the tracts. I taught her a few things regarding the application of seeking out a spot for evangelism and the 2 greatest commandments and the roles they play. She was so intuned and excited! We had 2 bananas, cheese, 1 orange juice, tracts, a Bible and 5 one dollar bills to pay for peoples bus passes.

We pulled up to the bus stop, each prayed and then we engaged in the impossible task of evangelism and it was beautiful! For the next 30 minutes, we would be joyfully reading Gods Word sharing Gods Law, the Gospel of Jesus and the power of the Holy Spirit to pursue sinners, make them born again and produce fruit in them. Enjoy the pictures. My phone is not adequate for my mission work, so excuse the screen shots and no video. In this case, a picture is worth a thousand words. My neice had such great insight and a compassion for people as she listened to thier hearts and saw them in pride, rejecting the Gospel, or in humility, listening and rejoicing in the Gospel. She certainly watched God work and use her today. I was speechless by the end. I knew it, she knew it, and especially a woman named Laura knew it. Pray for Eleana, that she would grow to be as bold and fearless as she was today on her first time out with Uncle Stephen


Flockhart, Robert quote:

Then the pastor delivered an address, in which he spiritualized the events peculiar to the life of a soldier. “We have”, he said, ” other battles to fight besides those which we fight for our King and Country. We have to fight against sin, and Satan, and the flesh, and there is no discharge from this war”. Whilst listening to these remarks of the pastor, our minds, I trust, we’re led by the Holy Spirit to that blessed time when the church militant shall be changed into the church triumphant, and when all who have loved the Lord Jesus upon Earth shall be admitted to behold his glory in heaven, and, seated at a table never to be withdrawn, shall partake of the marriage supper of the Lamb.

-thanks to Almighty God for covering our heads in the day of battle, and giving us the victory. This was in the year 1811. Robert Flockhart


The God of the Bible even is longsuffering for a witch.

I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (

3-21-17 We are Jehovahs Witness

The Team: Joel, Darryl and myself. Photography credit to Cristian Venta, a soldier of Gods Army

Scripture: Galatians 3

Before i went to B&E, i had a picnic with my youngest to talk of what i would be going to do and then i went to the place where Stroy Pittman was murdered to see if i could bring the Gospel to anyone and offer some mercy ministry. There werent anyone outside, but i left behind a card, tracts and an invitation.

The plan was to evangelize the businesses regarding the memorial of Stroy, and then preach on the corner. However, the Lord decreed otherwise. As soon as we grouped to brief after loading Cristians backpack with bibles, a gentleman named Andrew walked over and approsched us.We spoke with this JW for atleast an hour. He seemed delusional by the wnd of the conversation. The Word of God stripped him of all he had. It was very sad to experience and i pray the Holy Spirit would use the Word to effectually call Andrew. He left lost and broken, helpless and hopeless and his soul seemed stirred and his skeleton dry. May he drink of the living water of the true King Jesus whom we left him with.

A brother in Christ named Peter said, “Man-o-man, brother! These posts make me well up with both tears of sadness and joy. What good news that you’re soldiering for Jesus Christ with the Word out there, brother! But it also stinks when they walk away. Still I pray the Word of the LORD continues to work in his heart. I’ll be praying”.

May the Lord bless us all with a similar reaponse to these updates.

This man grew desperate and delusional. He remained delusional instead of clinging to Christ. We pleaded with him from the authority of Scripture. My whole heart hurts for him. The Law shut his mouth, but may the Gospel open his heart by Gods grace. For those praying, thanks for holding the rope so well. By the hands of prayer you lower us into the battlefield of souls and we cannot thank you enough. Let us know if there is any way we can equip you with.

By the end, Andrew seemed to be off his rocker. Nearing to this point andrew stated that he didnt care where we spent eternity, that he would probably be in heaven based upon his righteous works and we would face a temporal judgment under a 2 year drought.

By which we presented Andrew with the following response. 1. He did not care where we spent eternity 2. The 2 greatest commandments are to the love the Lord God with all your heart, mind, soul and strength and to love your neighbor as yourself.

1 John says that if you hate your neighbor (not caring about his eternity) then the love of God is not in you, and if the love of God is not in you, you cannot love the Lord God with all youre being.

Thus, we explained to andrew that he breaks the 2 greatest commandments on which all the law and prophets hang. Andrew cannot and does not satisfy the law of God, so he is unrighteous and under Gods jugdment. Andrew also, in not expressing love for neighbor or God, from the righteousness of Christ by faith, displays that he is not Jehovahs witness, We are.

We then called, again, andrew to repent and believe the Gospel for salvation. We love God and we love people. Because Jesus cared about our souls, we care about others. For the true witness of Jehovah, mercy and compassion is not an option.

Cristian witnessed most of the encounter and adviaed me to head home and relax and have a cup of hot cocoa. Although we chuckled, i heeded the advice. It was good advice.


Well, as always, whenever im in need of it, i forget to put on my gopro.

The Team: Joel, Sean and myself

Scripture: John chapter 1

We will be moving through the Book of John every Tuesday outreach. One chapter at a time and you can follow along if youd like. We will talk about the chapter during the briefing and choose a particular passage to preach and evangelize from.

Today went well. Joel had opportunity to share the Gospel with a young professing muslim man and pass out many tracts. Sean, as well, was passing out tracts left and right as the Word of God was being proclaimed. Many people showed support from thier vehicles and gave praise to the Lord. However, someone called the police.

This was not the first time weve had police officers observing us on B&E, but it was the first time weve been personally confronted. The officer recieved a tract and asked us if we were wrapping it up (we were). As soon as he pulled in, so did another car. A lady named Denice asked us if we could tell her what the Good News was and she seemed generally excited to hear it. I told the officer to have a great day, told him “we got your 6 blue”. While was person called the police to have us stop, another person pulled in to hear more! I love how the Lord works. We spoke with Denice for some time about the glories of God in Christ thru the power of the Holy Spirit and then ended the night.

Pray for our perseverance and protection please.

3-28-17 1



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