Frontline Apologetics May 2017 Update

5-2-17 Im Saved Because Im Pentecostal

The Team: Joel and myself

First RP began thier outreach at Rosa Parks. Please Keep Sean, Pastor Craig Scott and his wife in your prayers

The Scripture: John chapter 4

This was particularly a great evening. Joel.met with Christian to answer some Biblical questions before id arrived. He was very grateful. The proclamation went smooth and while i had the normal driveby blasphemies to the Christian faith, there was a largw anount of support. One man slowed down as Joel and i debriefed and shouted “God bless you gyys”. This indicated that he must have listened and seen us before. There is no biblical way he would know that we bring the Good News by our just standing and talking to one another in a debrief. Another man held up his Bible as i stood upon the box and shouted “praise God, im on my way to church right now”. And another man, whom i also engaged while on the bix who remained in the left turn late for 2 lights so that he could affirm and rejoice in the truths pouring from the Word of God. It was quite the day of support and im grateful that while weve received much threat and hate speech, that the abundance of the commumities support of the Gospel has been wonderful.

On the ground, however, Joel took to much rejection. He boldly delivers the Law and Gospel to many people. Families, students, elderly, you name it. Unashamed because of the name. Nearing the end of the open air, Joel encountered a woman. He asked her if she knew wether or not her sins were forgiven. She replied, “yes, im pentecostal”. Joel explained to her that this is NOT what saves a person. There is no salvation from damnation through denomination. He explained to the women the Law of God and the Gospel of Christ by regeneration of the Holy Spirit. No one is saved by way of denomination, but by the grace of God alone, through faith in Christ alone.



I heard on Moody radio that it was National Widows day. Seems like a fitting reason to pull over on the way home to proclaim the Gospel from Psalm 146. The Lord upholds the widow. May a widow within the sound of my voice hear the comforting words of the Bible and the urgent call to turn to Christ and His mighty power to save.

On the way into the Mr Burger tonight, this gentleman and professing panhandler named Corey Eugene approached our vehicle for a few dollars. My wife and I took the opportunity to share the Gospel with Corey in his brokenness. He received a tract, a few bucks, prayer and the Gospel which is salvation for all who believe. It was a good engagement for about 10 minutes. Would you pray for Corey please. For his wife and children and for his growing in the grace and knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ?


A GREAT DAY TODAY! You may have read this last year, but today is My Birthday!

Whether you know my birth date, realized its not my twins bday, second guessed and said happy bday to me just to be safe, will say happy bday to me later or not, today is not the day i was born from the womb. Lol Rather it is the day i was born again. (More in a second) I want to thank all of those who shared a loving message to me or for me by in return giving a loving message to you. Whether or not you already know whats up, i challenge to to read ahead, to deepen your friendship/relationship with me, to know me better. The best gift you can give me on my birthday is to hear me out. 🙂 I love you all.

If you knew me, you would have known that there was no greater of a sinner than i. I was the cheif of them, the most deserving of destruction. I mocked, spat and cursed God with the nashing of my teeth and the prideful bellow of my sin sick soul. I most deserved the hottest of Gods wrath to be poured fiercly upon my naked soul for all eternity in Hell, but God chose to extend His grace to me. Not because of who i was, but DESPITE who i was. One day, like me, we will all stand before God to give an account for our lives. Every thought, word, and deed. We will stand before the God who created us in our mothers womb, the God who has made himself known to all men so that they are without excuse.

We will not be able to claim we didnt know Him or that we have not broken His law. I and everyone else knows we are not perfect and our God-given conscious bears witness against us.

We know its wrong to lie, steal and use Gods name in vain because we know that God is truth, that He has given us all things and that He is our Creator. We know this because we are all made in God’s image. But all of us either currently or in our past traded the truth that we know about God for a lie. We chose to worship created things, false gods, ourselves and other idols, rather than God who is blessed forever, Amen.

Like guilty children we try and hide under the very bed our father blessed us with to hide from the punishment we know we deserve. In the same way, we take His science, His logic, His knowledge, His reason and even His very Word as revealed in the Bible and abuse it in a prideful attempt to justify our unbelief. It didn’t work in the first game of Hide-N-Seek that took place in the garden and it doesn’t work now.

If we are honest with ourselves, we are all guilty of breaking God’s law, His perfect moral standard. Because God is holy, perfect, just and all good, He will do what any good judge does. He will punish our sin. The punishment that God presribes in His Word is eternity in Hell.

I love you, and i don’t want that for you. I can’t save you to heaven, and i can’t send you to hell. Only God is the final judge, and only He can see your broken, sin sick, weary, burdened heart. But i can share with you! Not because its my opinion but because God has revealed certain truths for us in His Word and has commanded us to share them.

I am to love God and love people. And so i can warn you in truth and in love that those who do not build their houses on the only firm foundation are fools. Not in a derogatory way or a name calling way, but in a moral way because they know better. And God will punish with His righteous wrath those who break His law and know better. Our hard hearts want to build our own way so we reject God because we love our sin more than the Savior. Therefore, noone can claim they did not know. The just judge will punish every criminal, no matter how small the crime. We have all sinned personaly against God and given Him the proverbial middle finger. He knows the intent of every heart and every heart left to itself, including mine, deserves Gods righteous judgment in Hell.

Again, i love you and i dont want that for you and so i want to share with you the good news. The good news that the same God who is perfect, holy, just and righteous to punish you in your sin is the same God who is full of grace, mercy and loving kindness and is able to forgive you and eternally set you free!

In His eternal goodness and love God the Father sent His Son Jesus Christ to live the perfect life you and I couldn’t live and to die the perfect death, to take upon himself the wrath that we rightly deserve. Your only hope is to repent (turn from your sins) and through faith (trust) alone receive Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior.

God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble. Tomorrow is not promised. Hate your sin and love the Savior! Today is the day of salvation!

We should realize that although we all stand guilty before a good God, there is One who paid the fine. One who bore our sin and took upon himself the wrath we rightly deserve. One who died for sinners to set them free. And not only to set them free but to make them righteous! One who rose again and defeated sin and death and will return at a time of the Fathers choosing.

One who says that noone is too dirty for Him to clean. You won’t look to Jesus to clean you up, until you realize that you can’t clean yourself. If you say “i want nothing to do with God”, you’re in error! If you say, “Im too dirty and God wants nothing to do with me”, even more error! God will take that which is scarlett and make it white as snow, He will take a hardened heart and soften it unto new life! You will begin to hate the things that God hates and love the things that God loves!

There is no one too low for Him to reach, no sin too great that Jesus cannot cover, no one and nothing that can stop the greatness of His love, for it is by grace alone, through faith alone in Jesus Christ alone as revealed in God’s Word alone that men are saved! To God alone belongs the glory! Not a work of ourselves, but of God that we would receive salvation. Not based on how much youve been to church, or how many seemingly good deeds youve done, or even on a certain prayer you may have prayed but solely on the basis of receiving the gift of repentance and faith in Christ alone. While we were yet sinners, Christ died for us. There is no greater act of love than this!

I submit my life as a testimony of this great love! Years ago on the side of a Holland road today, God freely gave me everlasting life in Christ through the effectual working of the Holy Spirit, not because im any better than anyone else but purely by His grace alone. Repent and receive Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior today and be able to celebrate a second birthday with me, the New Birthday that i celebrate today!

Thanks for hearing me out. The proof that the God of the Bible exists is that you dont nees proof. Hes made Himseld known through creation, yoir conscious, the Bible, Christ and your calloused heart. You know Him and will stand before Him. Be reconciled to your Creator! He will no longer be your Judge but your Father. He who knew no sin became sin so that we might become the righteousness of God. Do not hearden your hearts, Today is the day of salvation. The Gospel is the power of God unto salvation for all who believe. Read john chapter 3 without taking it for granted. I love you and so does my family (wife and daughter/s) whom the Lord has graciously caused to be born again as well.

5-5-17 1


The most challenging and rewarding trials in my life have not been growing up in poverty, nor urban highschool, nor time in service, nor deployment to Iraq, nor post military struggles, nor heralding the Gospel in the streets, nor being mocked, ridiculed and threatened for the truth. As Jeff Rose has said, “You think these things [street preaching] is difficult? Try being a husband and a father” who takes up his cross daily to follow Jesus.

My real soapbox is my family. The foundation is the Triune God of the Bible. My home is the quiver, my wife is the vine that weaves it and gives it support, and my children are the arrows by which the Gospel will go forth into the world. Today i rejoice and celebrate the “second” arrow to the Nylen quiver. Cadence Grace Nylen. You are a special kind of arrow my beautiful baby girl. You are fierce and courageous. Bold and beautiful. May the Holy Spirit produce great fruit in you. You are the triumphent rythym of grace that will transform the world by God’s Gospel power.

In a likewise fashion of how i gave you your first bath on the day you were born, i will wash you from head to toe with the Word. May you forever be unashamed to defend and proclaim the Gospel that has been delivered to you even from the womb. Fight baby, and dont ever look back. Fight for Jesus sweetheart and dont ever surrender. There is no King but Christ and your Heavenly Father will love you far better than i will or ever could. I love you Cadence. Happy 2 year birthday.


The Aroma of Christ



New City Fellowship Celebrates the Heights

Last Saturday New City Fellowship Outreach and Evangelism subcommitee had the privelage and opportunity of having a tent and table alongside our wonderful neighbors at the Celebrate the Heights event. Hundreds of tracts were distributed and one on one evangelism took place on many fronts. We had a good turn out and rejoice that members of our church took to the field of souls and shared the Law of God and the Gospel of Jesus Christ with so many people. Our table had free tracts, free english and spanish Bibles and played the “Streetlights” sampler cd of the Bible in spoken word. We encountered those who loved the Gospel, those who hated the Gospel and those who believed a false gospel, which is no Gospel at all.

It was a wonderful time and although we labored hard at many points including witnessing to a little boy who was a professing “atheist”, translating into spanish, a professing hebrew israelite, and those who refused to take tracts, we enjoyed serving our community by way of Biblical Evangelism. Many of the people who stopped by enjoyed the tent and thanked us as they praised God for the faithful witness theyve seen coming from New City. From our table, saints of the neighborhood were equipped, encouraged and exhorted. We didnt have a sign, but they knew us by our deeds. May New City Fellowship OPC always be a pleasing aroma to Christ and a beacon of light in Alger Heights.

Thanks again to all who came out. I was concerned we would have noone, yet the Lord called some of his saints to share the Gospel which was delivered to us. Praise God from whom all blessings flow. We love you Alger Heights!


A neighborhood outreach regular and friend, James Yeck, is getting ready for his special olympics competition. Pray for him and rejoice with him. We love you James and enjoy seeing you on B&E!

5-30-17 School Buses and Middle Fingers

The Team: Joel, Darryl, myself


First i drove to burton amd division to do some quick recon…..and get some popeyes. I stopped by the apartment in the back alley i grew up in and remembered Gods faithfulness to our family even in unbelief. Afterward i drove through the neighborhood thinking and looking. I then went to B&E and we called Cristian Venta on facebook chat to talk and pray with him after his recent surgery and to give him a view of the neighborhood. It is wonderful when we can minister in such ways to people with technology. He has his Bible and loves to talk of the Lords faithfullness to him through surgery. Hes a strong young man and wise for his age.

Tonights Outreach began with childlike faith and the faith of devils. As we briefed, a school bus stopped behind us due to the redlight. The children in the back of the bus cheered the name of Jesus and asked us to preach and rejoiced in the Gospel. It was incredible how they purposefully called our attention and already knew what we were there for (i preach to the kids on the buses that pass and thank the drivers for thier service). I pulled out a free Bible and what seemed like dozens of beautiful hands poured out of the bus exstatic to recieve the Word of God. As soon as the hands tucked the Bible in, a gentleman in the vehicle just behind the bus honked his horn and flipped us all off in hate and bitterness. From the abundance of the mouth the heart speaks. You will either confess Jesus as Lord or have no fear of God in your eyes and venom on your lips. Rivers of living water and child like faith or waters of jugdment and the faith of devils. It was very telling and sobering and put us on fire to preach and proclaim the Gospel.

I preached and Joel and Darryl hit the ground. From my end: Many listened and let me engage them, an old friend Eddie came by and i spoke with a false prophet who has drug and alcohol addiction and has been lying about being homeless. I called him out and called him to repent amd believe and to be reconciled to God by faith in Christ. He said that he knew the Lord, but i exposed his folly by the way he lived his life. I called him to fall to the cross and to come to the church regardless of his helpless estate. He said he would come. Tony (owner at wing) ave listened as he sat outside, along with some of his friends at the barber shop (they all believe a false Gospel).

Joel engaged many people and distributed tracts. He was often rejected by cold shoulders but a young man lended him an ear. Darryl engaged 2 young men named hassan and abdi who were professing muslims. He spoke with them for a long time. They know Sakin from the market. We have many muslims along the strip who are without excuse as we share with them the Gospel. Darryl exchanged contacts and we look forward to more engagement. Thier cpnversation was excellent. Afterward as we debriefed we saw and heard a man drive by in utter anger and hatred cursing at his wife over the phone, yelling, “youre MY fu***** wife!”. The Gospel is needed in marriages. If it werent for grace, there go i. Tonight was an intense night concerning spiritual things. The spiritual battle manifests itself in many physical ways and we saw much of it tonight. Much of it.

Please pray for our city.


April 2017 Ministry Update: Frontline Apologetics


Despite the desperate situation we found ourselves in tonight for our dear friend and regular congregant John, i managed to pray, read scripture, fix a dvd player, have a cup of black coffee and watch John pull of an epic Moonwalk! Lol these guys are a special and often difficult kind of crazy and i love them. I thank patrick for his recommwnding me to speak with the caretaker across the street.

On a serious note, If you could, please pray for John. It seems i run into him on the streets more than i do at church and he is hurting and in need of the satisfying love of Christ.


4-11-17 Discipleship Is Good!

The Team: Joel and myself

The Scripture: John 2

Before the outreach i went back yo the ardmore house to distribute a Bible and help a new friend, Bobby, out with a hobby of his.

Burton and Eastern grows on you. Being consistent in your community grows on you. Today, Cristian came out to ask us some questions and join the briefing, and we saw The Yeck (a regular named James) come out of hibernation. So…….one at a time everyone crammed into Joels car. We spoke with Cristian about Justification, Sanctification and Glorification based upon the questions he had for us. Joel turned to Phillipians 1 and it struck a chord with Cristian regarding life and death.

We went over John 2, spoke with James for a bit and equipped him with tracts and then went forth to proclaim the Gospel. Many heard, many rejoiced this evening, although Joel saw many hard hearts on his end. The Lord was faithful. He event sent a man from uganda to speak with us and the gentleman enjoyed the preaching very much and gave us his card and number. It was very encouraging. He didnt want to interupt. It was very encouraging.

Someone yelled “hail Satan”, which is interesting because every tongue will hail Christ. I pray he does that today and not tomorrow which is not promised.

The Lord heard our prayer for no law enforcement this evening and we praise Him alone.

Pray for our dear regulars who come to hear the Word of God. Pray for the Lord to continue His call on me in this field of souls. I have learned so much by His sovereign hand. Praise Him!


Not many people know the history of the “Doctor” at the local murder mill. May the Lord take this heart of stone and turn it to a heart of flesh, as he supernaturally did to mine. The man is sick and the reports in this article dont even go into some of the more detailed things of his criminial convictions. He likely drinks in an attempt to numb his concious for all the precious babies he had murdered. Gods Justice will be satisfied, either on the “Doctor” for all eternity in hell, or on Jesus so that the mercy of God would free the man to dwell in the courts of the Lord in the forgiveness of sins. Pray for him, oh saints, pray for this heartless man.…/gr-doctors-license-suspended-over-unre…/

4-18-17 Be Quiet!

The team: Joel, Darryl, myself

The Chapter: John chapter 3

Tonight we had a handful of engagements and God was indeed faithfully proclaimed. Joel evangelized the harvest health and amidst much rejection he had a lengthy conversation with a professing reincarnationist and showed him his folly and pointed him to Christ, Darryl was on my 6 and engaged a group of kids as well as a man who said he would be guilty before God for sinning and said hed read the tract, and i took to the open air with a mox of repsonses today.

There was much support from passer bys, including people we knew, such a Naya and Lupe! 🙂 I also had hateful responses. One point was a group of young men who jeered from their car qhile thier friend in the backseat listened intentfully and gave me a wave of support. DO NOT BE A BACKSEAT CHRISTIAN, be umashamed dear friends. I pray the proclamation gave him opportunity to witness. Then there was a woman who honked all the way down the road over and over again while signaling me with her pointer finger over her lips to gesture me to be quiet. She was a hypocrite in the act and needs Christ. So long as God wills it, i will not be silenced, i will not be quiet, i will not cease to proclaim the truth about who God is and who you are before Him. I will not cease to proclaim atop the mount of the one who came from mount Zion with good news for sinners! Faith comes by hearing maam, and hearing the Word of God. By what authority do you tell me to shut my mouth?

On the way home i ran into my friend John. He was walking down the sidewalk and so i decided to stop and say hello to him. He was insanely excited because he caught a dragonite downtown!! I rejoiced with him and we drove to walgreens to buy a cold drink and talk about some serious things troubling him. Hes a kind friend and i wish i had more time to spend with him. Today was a greatbday for heralding the Gospel after a long hard day of work. Time to go cuddle my wife. 🙂

Soli Deo Gloria!


A Possible Outreach Opportunity: Sadly I could not make it

4-22-17 1

4-24-17 OutCry Tour 2017

The Team: Joel, Sean and myself

The Scripture: 2 Corinthians 4:1-7, Epheisians 2, Matthew

This year was different, but the Lord, as always, proves to be faithful to us. I was so eager to preach this year again, but the Lord had other plans. I didnt get much sleep sunday night due to a sour stomach and come monday morning a was down with the stomach bug and in the front leaning rest before a porcelyn throne and unable to go to work. The Lord, in His grace, sought to give me strength enough to drop off the equipment to the team. Joel would head up the outreach and Sean would take to the open air if they were able. Faithfully, the Lord raised up Sean, a bold soldier in the open air, and Joel who is a valiant servant on the ground. He also granted me grace enough to bring equipment, brief, pray, and distribute tracts and a few one on ones where we rejoiced in children and families who ascribe to the Lord all glory due His name and explained penal substitutionary atonement to a women at the concert whod never heard of Jesus taking the righteous wrath of God in our place to satisfy Gods perfect justice and making us one with God by grace through faith. Justification by faith alone. This made her eager to read the tract. ‘You mean Jesus frees us from sin, satan, the world, ourselves AND saves us from the righteous wrath of God?’

Yes. By Gods grace alone, through faith in Christ alone, we receive Christ as Lord and Savior and He gives us His righteousness. He who knew no sin, became sin for us, so that we might become the righteousness of God. What a glorious reality! The Gospel is personal, but its not private! 🙂

Joel and i distributed all of our tracts to a crowd of 1k. Sean thundered the truths of Scripture with passion for an hour. A small crowd of outsiders remained and listened. The mission was a success. Cant wait until next time!

Frontline Apologetics enjoyed publicly preaching and distributing the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the Annual Outcry crowd. We love you! Christ is Lord!

Join us in prayer for baby Jeffy and family whom we met tonight. Children are indeed a blessing from the Lord 🙂


March 2017 Ministry Update: Frontline Apologetics

Planned Parenthood Evenson Center CLOSED PERMANENTLY!

A fellow congregant informed me that the Evenson Center has closed permanently. This particular place of death was the the first Abortion clinic i began to preach at. It began by going to a protest with my mother and being convicted to be preaching on the corner proclaiming Good News alongside the protesting of sin and then later I preached there during my lunchtimes for roughly 6 months before being called to the fulton street slaughter house.

As i preached at the Evenson center on 36th and Byron Center i witnessed many people with hard hearts grow harder, i witnessed the apathy of people as they left the parking lot and ignored the killing and the preaching and i witnessed people respond to the preaching by turning away from the place of death in tears all because of the Law and the Gospel. As much wonders that i saw, I will not miss that place one bit. I believe the Gospel witness there helped to close that particular clinic and may it do so on Fulton.

Praise be unto the Sovereign God and King of all creation. If you participated in the murder of your baby (however difficult of a situation it may have been) at Evenson Center and youve not by Gods grace found forgiveness offered through Christ by faith alone, please contact me. I long to share the Gospel with you and show you the grace and mercy that is offered to you in Christ Jesus through the calling of the Holy Spirit. He is the Rock and Redeemer, and those who come to Him, He will not cast out. See yourself in your sin, misery and need and repent (turn from your sin), place your faith (your trust) in Jesus Christ and recieve Him as Lord and Savior. He will save your guilty and weary soul not because of who you are, but despite who you are and because of who He is. Come to the cross. Salvation from Gods wrath and freedom from sin, satan and yourself is a free gift, but its offered in Christ alone. I encourage you to read John chapter 3 today.

Unlike abortion (murder), i do not want to take something from you but desire to restore you and give you life now and for eternity. Come and see the love of God that is found in Christ, come to the cross. Be reconciled to your God and be His child. This is not exhaustive. I love you, and i know a congregation full of people who do as well.

John 3:16



Joel beautifully proclaims the Lord and responds Biblically to an unbeliever who is attempting to be judge over God and His Word.

Joel loves an unbeliever


Join us Saturday at 10 am at New City Fellowship as the Outreach and Evangelism subcommittee presents: Biblical Street Apologetics with Stephen Nylen of Frontline Apologetics Street Ministry. You want to be there! Grab a Bible, a Pen, some paper and compassion!


3-7-17 Happy Birthday Cristian!

The Team: Joel, Darryl, Sean, Myself

Scripture: Romans 1

The Lord blessed the outreach from the get go. As soon as Joel and I got out of our vehicles to greet one another, Cristian came rolling by on his bike. We spoke of the folly of Roman Catholicism and what justification and sanctification look like from a true biblical standpoint. It was a profitable conversation and then we did a starburst flavor challenge and to celebrate Cristians 18th birthday!! He guessed it right! STRAWBERRY! We gave him some tracts and he made mention that he distributed on on the bus. Praise the Lord from whom all blessings flow!

While we spoke to Cristian, a gentleman strangely walked over and stood in our circle and asked what was going on in this part of the neighborhood. He said hed been abused as a child and we took opportunity to share with Him the compassion that Christ gives to people through His Gospel. As Joel spoke to Cristian and I spoke to this gentleman (whos name i cant recall), Darryl and Sean showed up. I prayed for the man and gave him a tract and information to New City and then we prayed and evangelized for 20 minutes. God did great work with the limited time we had.

Joel engaged with many souls, and so did Sean and Darryl as they passed out tracts. I spoke with several people who slowed thier vehicles to hear the preaching, including a young man whom, once he realized inwas speaking directly to him, shrunk back in his seat and then proceeded to pul out a fake bloodied hand (haloween prop) and slowly wave it toward me. I continues to preach to him, while it was quite surprising to occur. Pray for him. He was responding to the Word of God, but it was in his pride and mockery of the God he knows exisits. We saw some more regulars and then the night came to a close. On the way back to the truck, John, a regular at New City walked by and i was homored to bless him with a bus pass andxa bottle of water. Its nice to have equipment, however small, to bless someone practically as well.

Could you pray for dear Cristian? That his 18th year of life would be rich soil and that God would cause him to grow in the grace and knowledge of Christ. He has more surgeries ahead of him, but is assures that he is a soldier in Gods Army. Thank you


3-14-17 Never Forgotten: Stroy Pittman Jr

The Team: Joel and myself

Scripture: Romans 1:16-17

Wherever you stand, it will be before the Lord. Whatever you confess, it will be a confession that Christ is Lord. Every knee will bow before thier Creator. You will either stand justified by faith in Christs righteousness alone, or you will stand guilty and stand under Gods righteousness in judgement.

Today was different for me. My anxiety was high, my worry became sinful and Scripture seemed to escape my mind as water from a strainer. However, it was the Lord who kept me and persisted the endeavor to bring His Gospel to the streets of SE Grand Rapids, it was the Lord who gave me strength to repent and then proclaim His fame.

1 year ago, young, Stroy Pittman Jr was murdered in his apartment off Ottillia. Left behind was his significant other, Mahogany, and his precious son. Todays proclamation was to put us in view that we are no better than the murderer and that we do not know the numbers of our days. That God does not save based upon our “not being as bad as that guy”.

We continue to mourn with our community a year later and we bring this to mind so that people are aware that local preaching invests in the lives of the community and it brings compassion to people through the compassion that God had for us in that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for the ungodly. Sometimes people wonder why im consistent to go to certain locations. It is because i love God (He has called me there) and i love you and make myself available to you. Come and talk so i can tell you of the love of God that is found in Christ through the powerful regeneration of the Holy Spirit, so we can pray for you and offer you help. Come, so you can hear of the Good News of Jesus. He can renew you through His Word and make you a new creation, born again! We confront yhe sin of our community, its individuals and ourselves with the truth and we bring the Gospel to these situations because Christ heals the hurting and only through the Christian worldview can you make sense of suffering. We love you. Come all who are weary and heavy laden, Christ will give you rest as He saves you from the righteouss wrath of God. We bring Gods Word promises, not our own. This unlike so many peddlers of Gods Word, who blaspheme His name and twist doctrine to fit thier soul damning agendas. We enter these streets and Christ did Jerusalem, proclaiming “Repent and believe”. We love you.

Many heard of justification by faith alone today, but not of a faith that is alone. Joel helped a family jump thier vehicle and passed out many tracts. Despite the Feels Like 8 degrees temperature, people not only rolled thier windows down, but they kept them down. A few gentleman mocked and recorded the preaching, i pray it goes social as faith comes vy hearing the Word of God 🙂 While my face and fingers became numb from the cold, my heart was warmed by the Gospel.

3-14-17 1


Children ARE A Heritage From The Lord

In The Morning When I Rise….with a 10 year old

Scripture: Romans 8

The Team: Eleana (my 10 yr old neice and Myself)

Quite a bit here, but id like to remember it and remind my neice of it in the future.

Ive got to keep this short, however, last night we were blessed, as everytime before, to have my neice and her sister (neices) stay the night in our home. We enjoyed scripture reading, family worship over a fire and “Act”ing out Pauls Shipwreck, playing videogames, watching movies about “the little people” who live in our walls, laughing and dancing and having Leyanna teach them line dances and how to cuddle like puppies. It was a wonderful night and it is always so memorable!

Last night as Eleana and I had our “God talks”, she asked me if she could join me in some Open Air preaching. I believe that open air ministry, while i encourage families to come participate, tends to be more dangerous and so i thought it appropriate to not have her stand by me while i hit the open air without me having a team with me and parental permission. She continued to plead with me that she really wanted to go out, despite the weather and anxious barriers. She was persistent and so i told her that if she could wake up in the morning early with me and prepare, that when we rose, we would go give people Jesus in one on one conversations and a local bus stop that ive been drawn to.

As soon as i came downstairs and looked at her sleeping, she openes her eyes and said she was going with me on this cold and wet morning. We had a wonderful devotional time talking of her great great grandmother Phyllis DenBraber , Romans 8 and singing and praying. We packed up our tracts and bibles and fruit breakfast and went to buy orange juice and cheese (ask me later) to distribute along with the tracts. I taught her a few things regarding the application of seeking out a spot for evangelism and the 2 greatest commandments and the roles they play. She was so intuned and excited! We had 2 bananas, cheese, 1 orange juice, tracts, a Bible and 5 one dollar bills to pay for peoples bus passes.

We pulled up to the bus stop, each prayed and then we engaged in the impossible task of evangelism and it was beautiful! For the next 30 minutes, we would be joyfully reading Gods Word sharing Gods Law, the Gospel of Jesus and the power of the Holy Spirit to pursue sinners, make them born again and produce fruit in them. Enjoy the pictures. My phone is not adequate for my mission work, so excuse the screen shots and no video. In this case, a picture is worth a thousand words. My neice had such great insight and a compassion for people as she listened to thier hearts and saw them in pride, rejecting the Gospel, or in humility, listening and rejoicing in the Gospel. She certainly watched God work and use her today. I was speechless by the end. I knew it, she knew it, and especially a woman named Laura knew it. Pray for Eleana, that she would grow to be as bold and fearless as she was today on her first time out with Uncle Stephen


Flockhart, Robert quote:

Then the pastor delivered an address, in which he spiritualized the events peculiar to the life of a soldier. “We have”, he said, ” other battles to fight besides those which we fight for our King and Country. We have to fight against sin, and Satan, and the flesh, and there is no discharge from this war”. Whilst listening to these remarks of the pastor, our minds, I trust, we’re led by the Holy Spirit to that blessed time when the church militant shall be changed into the church triumphant, and when all who have loved the Lord Jesus upon Earth shall be admitted to behold his glory in heaven, and, seated at a table never to be withdrawn, shall partake of the marriage supper of the Lamb.

-thanks to Almighty God for covering our heads in the day of battle, and giving us the victory. This was in the year 1811. Robert Flockhart


The God of the Bible even is longsuffering for a witch.

I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (

3-21-17 We are Jehovahs Witness

The Team: Joel, Darryl and myself. Photography credit to Cristian Venta, a soldier of Gods Army

Scripture: Galatians 3

Before i went to B&E, i had a picnic with my youngest to talk of what i would be going to do and then i went to the place where Stroy Pittman was murdered to see if i could bring the Gospel to anyone and offer some mercy ministry. There werent anyone outside, but i left behind a card, tracts and an invitation.

The plan was to evangelize the businesses regarding the memorial of Stroy, and then preach on the corner. However, the Lord decreed otherwise. As soon as we grouped to brief after loading Cristians backpack with bibles, a gentleman named Andrew walked over and approsched us.We spoke with this JW for atleast an hour. He seemed delusional by the wnd of the conversation. The Word of God stripped him of all he had. It was very sad to experience and i pray the Holy Spirit would use the Word to effectually call Andrew. He left lost and broken, helpless and hopeless and his soul seemed stirred and his skeleton dry. May he drink of the living water of the true King Jesus whom we left him with.

A brother in Christ named Peter said, “Man-o-man, brother! These posts make me well up with both tears of sadness and joy. What good news that you’re soldiering for Jesus Christ with the Word out there, brother! But it also stinks when they walk away. Still I pray the Word of the LORD continues to work in his heart. I’ll be praying”.

May the Lord bless us all with a similar reaponse to these updates.

This man grew desperate and delusional. He remained delusional instead of clinging to Christ. We pleaded with him from the authority of Scripture. My whole heart hurts for him. The Law shut his mouth, but may the Gospel open his heart by Gods grace. For those praying, thanks for holding the rope so well. By the hands of prayer you lower us into the battlefield of souls and we cannot thank you enough. Let us know if there is any way we can equip you with.

By the end, Andrew seemed to be off his rocker. Nearing to this point andrew stated that he didnt care where we spent eternity, that he would probably be in heaven based upon his righteous works and we would face a temporal judgment under a 2 year drought.

By which we presented Andrew with the following response. 1. He did not care where we spent eternity 2. The 2 greatest commandments are to the love the Lord God with all your heart, mind, soul and strength and to love your neighbor as yourself.

1 John says that if you hate your neighbor (not caring about his eternity) then the love of God is not in you, and if the love of God is not in you, you cannot love the Lord God with all youre being.

Thus, we explained to andrew that he breaks the 2 greatest commandments on which all the law and prophets hang. Andrew cannot and does not satisfy the law of God, so he is unrighteous and under Gods jugdment. Andrew also, in not expressing love for neighbor or God, from the righteousness of Christ by faith, displays that he is not Jehovahs witness, We are.

We then called, again, andrew to repent and believe the Gospel for salvation. We love God and we love people. Because Jesus cared about our souls, we care about others. For the true witness of Jehovah, mercy and compassion is not an option.

Cristian witnessed most of the encounter and adviaed me to head home and relax and have a cup of hot cocoa. Although we chuckled, i heeded the advice. It was good advice.


Well, as always, whenever im in need of it, i forget to put on my gopro.

The Team: Joel, Sean and myself

Scripture: John chapter 1

We will be moving through the Book of John every Tuesday outreach. One chapter at a time and you can follow along if youd like. We will talk about the chapter during the briefing and choose a particular passage to preach and evangelize from.

Today went well. Joel had opportunity to share the Gospel with a young professing muslim man and pass out many tracts. Sean, as well, was passing out tracts left and right as the Word of God was being proclaimed. Many people showed support from thier vehicles and gave praise to the Lord. However, someone called the police.

This was not the first time weve had police officers observing us on B&E, but it was the first time weve been personally confronted. The officer recieved a tract and asked us if we were wrapping it up (we were). As soon as he pulled in, so did another car. A lady named Denice asked us if we could tell her what the Good News was and she seemed generally excited to hear it. I told the officer to have a great day, told him “we got your 6 blue”. While was person called the police to have us stop, another person pulled in to hear more! I love how the Lord works. We spoke with Denice for some time about the glories of God in Christ thru the power of the Holy Spirit and then ended the night.

Pray for our perseverance and protection please.

3-28-17 1



February 2017 Ministry Update: Frontline Apologetics



The only name in heaven and in earth by which man must be saved is the Lord Jesus Christ! Grace and Mercy are offered in Him alone!



2-11-17 Planned Parenthood Protest: Pro Gospel Outreach

I lead a small team of 6 today to the field of souls. Ill share a testimony of one of the faithful women who joined our ranks today for the Pro Gospel Outreach at the PP Protests and Counter Protests today for the update: Watch the video at the end and be encouraged that the Gospel went forth today!
The Team: Joel, Joel sr, Dean, Chris, Amy, Danielle and myself.
The Scripture: Psalm 10, Psalm 96, Titus 3
What a morning!
Behind this picture stands a small group of Christians engaged in prayer, proclamation of the gospel, and sharing the message of Salvation for all who would call upon the name of the Lord.
Despite being outnumbered, God was on our side through every twist and turn of this at times tear-filled morning as we watched individuals created in the image of God shout things like, “My body, my choice.” “Keep your rosaries off my ovaries.” “This is what democracy looks like.” Infants wearing pink hats representing women’s genitalia. Children writing pro-choice messages on the sidewalk as their elders praise them. One brother in Christ was smacked in the face by a woman. Another brother was threatened with a fist 5 inches from his face. People were convicted.
Friends, the world is dark and scary. Only the light of the gospel can impact those who stood opposed this morning. May the Lord save them! The Word of God went forth. The glory of God shone through the darkness this morning.
“Do all things without grumbling or disputing, that you may be blameless and innocent, children of God without blemish in the midst of a crooked and twisted generation, among whom you shine as lights in the world, holding fast to the word of life.” Phillippians 2:14-16a
“For great is the Lord, and greatly to be praised; he is to be feared above all gods. For all the gods of the peoples are worthless idols, but the Lord made the heavens.” Psalm 96: 4-5
#progospel #salvation #blessedbethenameoftheLord #wombtotomb #thisisthedayoftheLord
-Amy D.…/thousands-demonstrate-outside-planned-…/

Pictures from the Planned Parenthood Protest Pro Gospel Outreach:

From the PP protest Outreach: As a Christian, people are your business. Let people know that. Their body and soul matter right now and in eternity.

2-22-17 The Drive Home

Another drive home from work and the Lord provoked my spirit to the compassion for the souls of people and the constraining of my heart because of the love of God that saved me from His wrath, the bondage of sin and servitude to the devil and the world. I pulled over again near the local meijer to preach from Romans 8. My oldest daughter was received into our home on this day 4 years ago, so Romans 8 on adoption was appropriate. Many heard and enjoyed and listened. Others pulled over to listen and walked over to know more. Praise God for His faithfulness to my undeserving soul. Calvin, a professing brother in Christ with a vest full of Jesus (a walking Gospel tract) had seen me heralding the Gospel on B&E a few times on tuesdays and decided to pull over to take a listen. He was deeply encouraged and we had an edifying conversation. Today was beautiful! The Triune God of Scripture is always good.

2-21-16 New Faces
The Team: Joel, Josh, Julian, Myself
The Scripture: Isaiah 43:8-12
Tonights Outreach was great. The weather was wonderful, so it was nice to come up out of the cold weather weve normally had. No more long johns, gloves and triple layers. The Lord is good. We had 2 new gentleman join us on the Frontlines this evening but more on that in a moment. Joel showed up and as we spoke we heard a whistle being blown in the distance… was the one and only, Cristian Venta!!!!! Oh, its been all season since weve seen that fat tire bike and the anxious grin of this 17 year old regular friend to the corner. He came over because he heard the preaching and received a free Bible over a year ago and hes returned time again to see us and to talk of the Gospel and the Scriptures. While Cristian is young in his faith, it is ever growing and he is such a joy to see! He is our reminder that warmer weather and Rosa Parks Circle is on the way.
Tonight, we also had 2 new men of the faith come to participate. Julian Escamilla whos Pastor says of him,
“I am happy to recommend Julian. He is a good brother, serious about his faith, and genuinely concerned about others. I’m delighted to hear of his interest in your ministry. If you have any specific questions, don’t be afraid to call.”
What a joy it is to receive such encouragement from his pastor! Julian was indeed serious about the Gospel and genuinely concerned about others. He was sober about communicating he live of God to lost souls and was an encouragement to have out on the Frontlines. He tagged alongside Joel and was able to watch God work. They had plenty encounters, even one where a women intentfully listened to the Law and the Gospel and recieved a dvd.
Also, we had Joshua Smith, a regular attendee at New City come out. Josh was full of zeal and eager to share of the Great Redeemer and Wonderful Savior with people. It was such a breath of fresh air to have his boots on the ground. He is also serious about the faith and desires to glorify his King. Josh watched my 6 for a bit and then engaged a gentleman alongside Joel and Julian in front of the Harvest Health foods for almost a half hour. Praise be unto God!
Joel is my Pointman, and he is ever faithful to the Gospel entrusted to him to share. Recon!
Dear Saints, continue to pray for us. We desire to have men and women of the faith come to be trained in evangelism. Pray that the Lord would sanctify His saints and move the ministry forward. There is much work to be done and not enough time to accomplish this most important task. I, and you, have seen what the Lord has done with Frontline Apologetics over the years and im so thankful for your prayers and partnership. Please consider how you might be willing to partner with us in the future. Grace and Peace!


As soon as we stepped into the field of souls and i stood on the box, this woman slapped Joel in the face with her birth control and then began to chant in my face with it a few inches from my eyes. Pray for her, she heard the Gospel often that day and needs Christ just as much as we do. May God overcome. Her hatred and sin with His divine love.

ProChoice Chant
As soon as we stepped into the field of souls and i stood on the box, this woman slapped Joel with her birth control and then began to chant in my face with …

January 2017 Ministry Update: Frontline Apologetics


Abortion Ministry Update
For those of you following Frontline Apologetics street ministry on the frontlines of the local Abortion clinic, id like to thank you for your support and prayers and provide you with an update.
As of right now i was told by both the GRPD sergeant, Officer B. and the Assistant City Attorney for the city of Grand Rapids Enforcement Division that 1. If i do not forfeit the use of amplification I will be arrested/citated 2. Even if i do forfeit use of amplification, the same result will occur due to my mere manner/presence being a distrubance.
According to the City, im in violation of a few ordinances. According to the Attorney im working with through Alliance for Defending Freedom, these ordinances are in violation of my constituational right.
The plan, according to the Attorney:
The plan is to see if I can obtain a letter from Mr. Passenger indicating what it is (they believe) you are doing to violate the law. If what the letter states is within the rules and regulations of the government, then all you would need to do is to be compliant with what is written. If they attempt to add restrictions that are not in the rules and regulations, then we would seek an appropriate legal resolution of the same.
I want to be a God fearing, law abiding citizen and respect our civil authorities and thier requests without compromising my freedom found in the Constitution and more importantly my freedom found in Christ. There are many ways to evangelize, but faith comes by hearing and hearing the Word of God. Ive been called to faithfully preach.
I’m pleased to serve the Lord at the clinic and am pleased to encounter all people of all kinds, including our local law enforcement.
Please do not cease praying for me on this battlefront, im ultimately concerned about all this according to what God says. That is precisely why the preaching outside the clinic has come to this in the first place. It is not me, it is the Gospel. Babies are being murdered and people are going to Hell. I dont want that for anyone.
In this world we will have trouble, but fear not, for Christ has overcome the world! John 16:33



[NEW] Abortion Ministry Update
Ive recieved news that the Attorney ADF transferred to me has made contact with the Grand Rapids City Atty.
Mr. P, City Atty, said:
1. not to use an amplification device
2. not to block the sidewalk
3. and that they would prohibit activities based on noise, manner and disturbance.
Accordong to the Attorney who is graciously working with me via ADF: “Point #3 is subjective and that is where he and I differed. He stated that you can’t promote people to honk their horn when passing but that you can hold up a sign, pray, and speak in a normal tone of voice.”
We are now moving forward to understand what these things mean objectively and in writing.
Ive been recieving messages calling me a terrorist, a pain and fear inflictor, that i trigger ptsd in women. That i threaten women and cause them to fear me shooting them, beating them, bombing the clinic and assaulting them. I am being told that Jesus’ name is being trampled and that i should be ashamed of myself. Ive been told i do not know the Jesus of the Bible, that i harm and traumatize women as i demean them. These false accusations are a violation of the Ninth commandment “Thou Shalt not bear false witness”. Some of them claim to be embassadors for Christ, yet they bear the marks of Satan. Pray alongside me for these souls of which i am no better, but better off as i am in Christ. The wrath of God remains on them outside of Jesus. They need to be pricked with the needle of the Law and sewn together with the eternal thread of the Gospel.
Acts 20:24 (ESV)
24 But I do not account my life of any value nor as precious to myself, if only I may finish my course and the ministry that I received from the Lord Jesus, to testify to the gospel of the grace of God.
The following is a link to the open air message i preached that day:


1-20-16 Open air and Truthtank
The teams:
Frontline Apologetics: Joel, Sean and myself
TruthTank: Tom, Kris and 3 of thier boys.
Psalm 113
This evening was honoring to the Lord and productive, we had much interaction! TruthTank was heading out to the Griffins game, so we decided to link up after doing some open air preaching nearby, just up the street at a familiar downtown spot at the end of the ionia bar strip.
Sean preached first and I went second while Joel constantly engaged image bearers. This is the second time Sean has been on the box with us and he always beings such solid and convicting truth to the world. I truly enjoy his coming out to the field of souls with us. While many mocked and ignored the preaching, many took tracts and a few came to stop and listen. One man listened and reviled us as we tried to engage in conversation, another listened and the even stayed for an hour! He just came from a drug (marijuana and heroin) party and heard the preaching. He talked with each of us and walked with Sean to our next location. He took a tract, bible and catechism and listened intentlly to the preaching of the Law and Gospel.
There was one face as Sean preached that caught my eye as he walked up the sidewalk. I believe it has been an affirmative answer to prayer as i pray for this particular gentlman now and again. It is the third time ive seen him. The first time was New Years eve 2015, then again at Bdubs downtown and again tonight. This man was vile toward the Gospel and he still is. I always greet him by saying, “Ill always remember you, have you come to know Christ yet?” He hates God and he is a lover of Satan. Tonight he told me all the same things except this time he told me that he loved to hurt children and wants to murder them and take thier clothing off. This man will either suffer the eternal wrath of God, or Jesus will on his behalf. I was sure to tell him this as he raised his middle finger and walked away.
After Sean finished, i stepped up for about 15 minutes and ended with 2 young women coming up extatic about what we were doing. They were so encouraged and they prayed for Joel and I and spoke words of affirmation to us. Afterward we met with TruthTank in front of the van andle Griffins game. Joel immediateltly made contact with a gentleman whom recieved his bible some time ago to kick it off.
The evangelism was faithful and many heard the sobering truth. While many mocked and found offense, as usual, we did have a good portion of those who intentfully listened and appreciated the public outreach. Tonight was a good night and the outreach went beyond even the evening and into social media where the Gospel was shared again. Unfortunately, my gopro was in error, but i got pictures with my cell phone.
He has risen from the grave and He is Lord!

1-24-16 In memory of Donald Dykstra
In Christ Alone, It Is Well With My Soul
As is now tradition, whenever a family member passes from this life to the next, i dedicate the next open air to thier memory and bring people into the place of mourning for the living take it to heart (Ecc. 7:2).
My grandfather recently was ushered from his body and is now present with the Lord and the fullness of His love. Grandpa is in the precence of The River of Life.
I texted my mother (step) and asked where Grandpa Don enjoyed his free time. None of the places mentioned were positioned for me and Joel to go preach at as i had a meeting at 7. I thought in prayer and wisdom, “Lord, Grandpa was a Navy veteran and so it would serve well to preach outside the recruitment center on 54th street”. I followed the proviking of the Lord to that location as i argued with myself to go somewhere else and as i drove into the strip i saw a lovely family through the window of the oriental buffet. It was uncle Donny and his lovely wife and daughter and they were happily enjoying a meal. I thought, surely this is a sign i should be here. Indeed it was, unbenounced to me, this was apparently a place where Grandpa went to eat with them often. A special place. Praise God for His providence and His comforting signs that Grandpa is in heaven with Christ.
So Joel and I proclaimed Christ on the sidewalk between the recruitment center and the oriental buffet facing the parking lot. Many heard the Gospel, the obituary was read and i preached from Revelation 21 and 22. A woman came over from the sidewalk and after i gave her a tract and continued preaching, Joel engaged her more thoroughly. He asked her if she knew whether or not her sins had been forgiven. She said she wasnt sure. So she remained with Joel for some time as he shared with her the Law and the Gospel.
She acknowledged her sin against her Creator and while she didnt recieve Christ as Lord and Savior, she did give Joel her address to send her Biblical literature as she pondered the Gospel. Shes been in and out of prison, lost her kids to ward of the state and was a walking lost and broken soul. I praise God for this evenings outreach. Pray for this woman. Grandpa Dyskstra would have surely loved it and he would have had the fitting words to share with her. Although Scripture is sufficient, God in His sovereignty continues to send us comforting signs of Grandpas eternal resting place. Soli Deo Gloria Grandpa. We love and miss you and are excited to worship our Lord face to face in His presence alongside you.



Did some quick recon for evangelism at GVSU during my lunch break last week. You can rent a Free Speech Zone for a limited amount of time when available. I plan to preach there in the near future. Can you guess what verse ill proclaim the Gospel from? Hint: Acts 17 strategy

1-30-17 Be Still and Know That I Am God
Yesterday as i drove the hour home from work i listened to the radio and they began to speak briefly of Psalm 46. I just drove, dwelling on the passage and thinking of the holiness of God from Sunday evening service. My spirit was deeply provoked and stirred. I could not supress my need to herald Gods Law and Gospel. I pulled over at the intersection of Kalamazoo and 28th, got out of my truck and proceeded to preach to the folks at the bus stop and those awaiting the green light. People stood up and came as close they could to listen without missing the bus, they rolled thier windows down in the cold, i looked cell phones in the eye as they recorded the words and called people to flee the wrath to come and to, by faith alone, fall at the feet of the Jesus of the Bible who would give warmth to cold impenitent hearts.
I believe God called me abruptly for His sovereign grace in salvation to be immediately presented to someone. Im so unworthy of the call, so prone to wander, so feeble and anxious. A sinner such as i, called to serve a King such as He. I never found God, for He was never lost. You see, it was God who found me!
May this Psalm be well with you today dear friend.
Psalm 46English Standard Version (ESV)
God Is Our Fortress
To the choirmaster. Of the Sons of Korah. According to Alamoth.[a] A Song.
46 God is our refuge and strength,
a very present[b] help in trouble.
2 Therefore we will not fear though the earth gives way,
though the mountains be moved into the heart of the sea,
3 though its waters roar and foam,
though the mountains tremble at its swelling. Selah
4 There is a river whose streams make glad the city of God,
the holy habitation of the Most High.
5 God is in the midst of her; she shall not be moved;
God will help her when morning dawns.
6 The nations rage, the kingdoms totter;
he utters his voice, the earth melts.
7 The Lord of hosts is with us;
the God of Jacob is our fortress. Selah
8 Come, behold the works of the Lord,
how he has brought desolations on the earth.
9 He makes wars cease to the end of the earth;
he breaks the bow and shatters the spear;
he burns the chariots with fire.
10 “Be still, and know that I am God.
I will be exalted among the nations,
I will be exalted in the earth!”
11 The Lord of hosts is with us;
the God of Jacob is our fortress. Selah


Do Not Be Decieved
The Team: Joel, Darryl and myself
Scripture: 2 Corinthians 5:14-6:2
As it is during these cold nights, we have to battle the flesh. There is always a temptation to call the evening off, simply because of the fear of man and nothing else. Im so grateful that the Lord sustains us to refuse the lies of the devil and to cling to the promises found in the cross of Christ.
The briefing pertained us not being led astray from the mission to distractions regarding political talk and debate. While its okay to talk of these things, they do not save to the uttermost. We must always being it back to the Law and Gospel.
We all had quite a bit of interaction tonight. Darryl stationed himself outside the Harvest Health and Joel outside the Wing Avenue. I remained on the corner and preached while engaging passer bys and vehicles that rolled thier windows down. I know you hear it often, but its amazing to see people remain with thier windows rolled down as the Word of God goes forth.
We encouraged some professing believers tonight. While this is great, we must be careful not to be decieved. Many people, in an attempt to justify thier unbelief, rejoice and support us. They walk by with a thumbs up and then refuse a Gospel tract. They shout how they love God but then when confronted as to why, they reject Jesus. People say thier sins are truly forgiven, but they refuse to accept the character and nature of God. They say they know Jesus in thier heart and yet say they do not need a Bible for that. Thier hearts say they are free, but they are deceived. It is those very hearts that condemn them.
May we be discerning and diligent, making sure that everyone who gives an ear, has the needle of the Law and the thread of the Gospel sewn into thier hearts.

December 2016 Ministry Update: Frontline Apologetics

12-6-16 Recon: A peak into the Frontline strategy
The Team: Joel, Darryl and myself
This evening Joel and Darryl met with me to go over how I recon a new area for potential evangelism and open air preaching. Anywhere from a little to a lot of detail can go into doing this. Sometimes it is quick if we are called to a particular event such as the Richard Dawkins outreach and sometimes it takes 3 days such as with the Burton and Eastern location. We typically have spoken beforehand about these locations and how we might desire to go there. We ask of God to reveal and guide us in the pursuit, that we clearly see His will.
In the task of reconnaissance, the team locates what’s called an OP (observation post). An observation post in the scout team is generally defined as a position by which you can see everything and yet not be seen by anything. This is typically within small arms fire distance or long- range surveillance distance depending on the context of the mission . The goal is to observe the target from your post and collect intell.
A similar task is being executed when establishing an OP when Frontline Apologetics street ministry is out looking for a potential spot to preach and evangelize. The only main difference is that while the Scout OP is to be able to see everything and yet not be seen, the preachers goal is to see everything and have everything see you. We want people to see and hear the public proclamation and we want to engage in close quarters. The Teams goal is to engage. We see this in Acts 17 as Paul strategically, being provoked by the Spirit, to go to the marketplace and the Aereopagus.
A few locations we plan to encounter are the intersection of Alger and Eastern, and the intersection of Burton and Division. We went to the Alger and eastern intersection this time. We executed what is called a SALUTE report. (Size, Activity, Location, Unit, Time, and Equipment). After setting up the point of contact for the OP, I set up the observation area into quadrants and perform a SALUTE report on each quadrant. This gives us a detailed report on the area and wisdom regarding the evangelism. The report could reveal such things as bathrooms, parking, demographics, avenues of approach, safety, ordinaces, business closing times, allied churches in the area, cults and false religions, etc. There is much prayer involved as well before during and after the recon mission. We must be fully dependant on God.
I believe that God is glorified in this task. There is much to do when you seek deeply to be a Gospel witness through this Biblically faithful form of ministry, therefore we must be faithful to the Bible in it. Holy Spirit lead us.


12-11-16 Christmas Cards for Veterans

The American Bible Society of the Armed Services sent me personal hand signed Christmas cards to give to troops and veterans. I included a more explicit tract to make it even more personal. I’m so grateful for this ministry. I didn’t ask for them, they simply sent them. Praise God! New City, please, if you know a veteran or soldier, this is a great way to share with them our only hope in life and death. Christ.

12-13-16 Warm Words on a Cold Night
The Team: Joel and myself
Pray for the guys from first RP, Craig and Sean. They are at Rosa Parks Circle proclaiming Christ tonight.
The snow is glistening, Jack frost is nipping at our noses, baby its cold outside!!!! But the Gospel is salvation for all who believe! Your sins are as scarlet, but can be made white as snow!
Tonight was preached from Isaiah 1:18-20. Such a powerful context and a powerful message from the mouth of the Lord! People walked by and received tracts and Joel pursued a young man who took a tract and said he was forgiven simply because he knew God. He didn’t bow how he was forgiven when Joel brought his professed salvation into question. He said he had no time to talk, so Joel followed near and used the 30 seconds he had to present to the young man the Law of God and the Gospel of Jesus Christ through the regenerating work of the Holy Spirit.
People rolled down thier windows as they waited for the light to listen. We always find it so moving when people are willing to roll down thier windows despite the frigid air and listen to God’s Word being heralded. May He be glorified.
For those who pray for us: tonight we prayed for some of you. We prayed for Brian Zemba, Joel VanOyen, The Hovens, and the Huizengas. We don’t ever want to take you for granted as you hold the rope in prayer as we go down the well. You provide support as we head into combat so often and we love you! Thank you! Each week we will be praying for different people who have taken upon themselves the task to pray for us. Please let us know how we can pray for you, Talk to Joel or myself.


12-20-16 Go Tell It On the Mountain
The Team: Joel, Darryl and myself
Prayed for: Ken Novak, Elliot Dykstra and his family, Lupe, Cristian, and The Weirsmas.
Scripture : Mark chapter 1 from Jesus going into the wilderness to Jesus calling the first disciples to follow Him.
We had 1.5 hours to complete 2 objectives this evening.
Objective 1: Bring the Gospel to the murder scene of Terrell Harbeson on Dickinson and union before dark. Objective 2: Proclaim the Gospel on B&E before 7.
Joel and I located the area that Terrell was found dead at. Please see the following link and pray:
We left a sympathy and sovereignty card on a vehicle near the scene with a tract and tangible message of both spiritual and physical offer from New City Fellowship and Frontline Apologetics street ministry. While asking around, Joel and I were able to give a few tracts out. 1 was a Spanish pesos tract to a man who only spoke Spanish and the other to a young man who was listening to rap music while walking by.
We left the card and set out to meet Darryl on B&E. As soon as I pulled up I saw a large snowbank and had 2 thoughts. One was that I was uncomfortable with standing upon it and the other was to go Tell It On the Mountain that Jesus Christ was born. And so I heralded the Good news from atop the snow mound while Joel and darryl passed out tracts and pursued one on ones. The mound was a bit taller than my box or the tailgate of my truck, it gave me a larger vantage point for view and distribution of sound.
Men, women and children turned off radios and rolled down windows to listen about how we take the Christmas music for granted and how the lyrics are explicit to call us to repent and believe. People from the harvest health foods and the wing Avenue location listened and Passer bys received tracts and a few one on one conversations with Joel and Darryl. It was bitter, cold and wonderful. May God receive all glory due His name.
Something to ponder and answer:
How are you telling it on the mountian this season?

12-23-16 Caroling!!!!

The NCF annual Christmas Carol Outreach was a huge success! After 3 teams dispatched to South burton businesses, North burton businesses and Alternative Pathways homes, and West burton to the liquor store and hurting homes to carol the neighborhood with songs, tracts, invites, Bibles and prayer, we made sure all 3 teams met up at the last stop at the American House Senior Living center (whom we outreach to). The last song we sung sums it all up! Thank you for your participation New City Fellowship! Cheers and Amen to next year!!!

The Team: Joel and myself
This evening was quite bitter out. Both Joel and I got to B&E and briefed. We continue to pray for the Wiersmas. We read a quote from Robert Flockhart (a street preacher from the 1800s) tonight along with a discussion on Romans 116-120. I took to the box and Joel took across the street to the harvest health foods location. Many heard the Gospel tonight and windows of different groups and families of people rolled down I the bitter cold to hear of sinners being confronted with their sin and called to repent and believe the Gospel.
A few weeks ago, when I was on the snow pile, Joel had spoken to a gentleman from Jamaica who was here in the US for the first time. Much like God’s sovereignty that night, we had a gentleman by the name of Frank remain in the cold to speak with us. I’ve been able to watch Joel grow in the task of evangelism for some time now and it is such a great testimony of God’s gracious sanctification to see him being a fisher of men. He must have spoken with Frank for over half the message, I could see hands gesturing back and forth and hear tone of voice. It was encouraging.
After I was finished preaching, I walked over to speak with the gentleman as well. Another older man, whom we’ve met before, curiously listened for a few moments and took a tract. Frank was relying on himself and foolish intellect in an attempt to justify his unbelief. Frank blasphemously asserted the Word of God to be contradictory, us to be Gods, and assumed college professors to be able to determine the validity of God’s knowledge. Frank desired to be autonomous and stand on his own standard rather than God’s. Frank wanted to be a God unto himself. It was a great conversation and Frank often saw his foolishness, but he wouldn’t let it go. He received a tract, commended us for going to the highways and byways, and then took off.
Interesting to see the unbeliever support the ministry; it almost makes you wonder if you were too gracious, if you hadn’t put the needle of the law through to the heart before you brought the thread of the Gospel. But we did. Faithfully, we did. Perhaps he said, as in Acts 17, “we will hear more of this”.
Pray for Frank this day!


November 2016 Ministry Update: Frontline Apologetics

Regarding the 10-21-16 promise to pursue with arrest and citation from the GRPD as well as the City of Grand Rapids prosecuting Attorney, after speaking with my Elder Liaison, i have refrained from going to the Heritage Abortion clinic while i better prepare for that particular effort on the Frontlines. In waiting, i have been eager to return as in this very moment, satans soldiers are making efforts, babies are being murdered, and souls are perishing under Gods divine justice and righteous judgment. The Gospel is needed. I have a dear brother who has kept me informed of the operations of satans soldiers. The Gospel is never hindered and the enemy does not have the power of prayer. Ive made contact with the Alliance for Defending Freedom and they have transferred me over to an Attorney to assist my circumstance seeing as I’m on the silver lining of persecution. Please continue to pray as i saddle up my horse, wield my sword, and prepare to ride into the field of souls with the Gospel truth.


To those of you who prayed on 10-21-16 as i went to the clinic in truth and love with the sword of Life.
The book of Acts ends with Paul preaching the kingdom of God with boldness and without hindrance. This is a fitting summary and conclusion of the book. The Gospel of Jesus Christ goes from Jerusalem to the ends of the Earth, not without trouble, but without hindrance. God’s purposes will have their way. The book of Acts tells the story of Jesus building his church by his grace and gives us confidence that he will continue so to build it until he returns.
-Gospel Transformation Bible
Many of you prayed during this day on 10-21-16 when I went to the local Abortion clinic, that murders approx. 90 babies a week, to preach. I intend to share the message from that day soon, but this is what transpired. A woman responded to the Gospel by coming outside from the waiting room in utter rejection of the Gospel of grace. She had her daughter with her. The GRPD were called twice and they’ve made a few things clear to me. My family and I are in great need of prayer. I have been informed by my Elders to take a few weeks off as we pray and discern how to glorify God most in this context of faithful Gospel proclamation.

11-7-16 An Evening with Richard Dawkins

11-7-16 Richard Dawkins at Fountain Street “church”
I would rather have titled this brief update as “thanks mom” because I had no idea Dawkins was on tour and in town and my mother was convicted to tell me and provide child care. It was a very spontaneous spiritual deployment. It began with a text from my mom and ended with Joel and I hiding behind my truck to evade an assault by an outraged man who wasn’t even a part of the crowd. It’s not the manner, it’s the message.
Our wives, daughter’s and mothers serve us well on this mission of evangelism. They make it all possible and we are deeply blessed to call them ours from God. I reconed the area from an aerial position and then met with Joel at the rally point. We briefed, prayed and then I intentionally went to go meet Justin Schieber (who a few months ago invited me to public debate). I’m meeting with Justin for coffee on Sunday after church, but I thought it’d be proper to introduce myself since I figured we’d run into each other anyway. He was accompanied by a friend of his wearing a noodle strainer hat…..yeah. They were pleasant to meet and recieved tracts and a firm handshake. I enjoyed our brief encounter with him.
I stood up to preach and Joel took to the crowd passing out Gospel tracts. While many people came up to speak with me, including some familiar faces such as “son of satan” from the 3 C’s video, noone in the crowd actually wanted solid discussion. It was always an attempt to justify unbelief and to mock the God they know exists. Joel was surrounded by people mocking God in His face. I like to give the crowd the benefit of the doubt in most situations. It’s usually easy to do so, but not this crowd. Even the image bearers who seemed to want some genuine discussion, I wasn’t fooled, really just thought they were undermining the power of the Gospel. No one, I mean NO ONE can undermine the power of the Gospel! It’s never a matter of Intellect, but a matter of the Heart! The night was faithful and a the Lord of glory honored.
See below for some clips and some pictures that show the heart of the “friendly neighborhood atheists”.
Romans 1:16



video 1 A threat to hospitalize us

video 2 Its not a matter of intellect
video 3 Tom the Atheist

11-8-16 Election Outreach

The Team : Joel, Darryl, myself, and someone new; Mr. Johnny Boyd, who has been a regular attendee and recently became a member of New City.
This week has been crazy. Richard Dawkins outreach, Burton and Eastern Election Day outreach and Veterans Day outreach. Keep the prayers coming. Today was an outreach much needed. While Joel encountered an upset and hurting God-hater right off the bat, the rest of the evening went wonderfully. Johnny Boyd passed out many tracts and he thoroughly enjoyed himself, although he admitted he had the jitters. He was deeply encouraged as well as surprised to see God’s marvelous work in faithful biblical evangelism.
At the Dawkins outreach, Joel and I evaded an assault and today we were blessed by a woman and her family who has heard the preaching and watched the evangelism for many times who just HAD to stop and bless us. Georgina, a Christian nurse, and her daughter neveah and her son elijah. Oh how we needed that healing balm. Neveah prayed with us along with her mother. Joel shared the Law and the Gospel with them as I preached. We guided Johnny in how to pass out a tract and then after prayer Johnny and Darryl shared Christ outside the Wing Avenue and had an encouraging time. Johnny mentioned that many people supported the heralding of the Word of God and have listened regularly. Praise the Lord!
The focus of tonight: No matter who is president, Jesus Christ is King and He calls His elect by His voice and they come to Him.
John 10

see short video HERE No matter who is president Christ is King!




11-11-16 Veterans Day parade outreach
The Team: Joel, Cooper, Sean (who is a fellow veteran) and myself
This year was a good year for our annual Veterans Day parade outreach. We were encouraged by some dear saints beforehand who saw the Bibles we were going to pass out. The conversation was wonderful, although it did cause us to start a bit late. In fact, I only preached for probably not even 10 minutes when I saw the parade heading to the start on Monroe center. The crowd heard both the law and the Gospel and received many tracts from the guys. I stepped down and passed out many tracts and thanked people as well. I saw some veterans and instructors I knew from JROTC and enjoyed the great amount of support to out troops. My favorite part of the parade is one of the reenactments that fire off a volley of dry fire rounds and then watching the mothers of troopers march through the street as well as all the Veterans proudly stepping cadence to the 126 marching band.
It was a great evening and faithful. The Gospel went forth!
I preached from Psalm 33. You can can see can see a picture of me preaching from this passing photographer here:…/photos-grand-rapids-veterans-par…
Unfortunately I haven’t much pictures. Below show the shot volley going off and my deployment coins as well as a coin from the first michigan CELFEX (combat effective live fire exercise) that my platoon, Dirty Herd, received for thier recon efforts with an Airforce Commander that joined our ranks in the operation. (to my error i don’t remember his rank).
Stephen “Taz” Nylen
1-126 Cavalry Squadron, Task Force Hunter
A Troop Mavericks, 3rd Platoon Dirty Herd
OIF 07-09



Yesterday, I had the privelage of sitting down for coffee with public debator, former board member of CFI michigan, and former co-host of the reasonable doubts radio show and podcast, professing atheist, Justin Schieber. We met to discuss the possibility of having a public debate on the topic: Does the Christian God Exist?
It was a blessing to speak with Justin and God was glorified in our conversation. Prayers would be appreciated in deciding whether or not this is something I’m called to engage.



11-15- 16 Stay Consistent
The Team: Joel, Sean, Darryl and myself
Tracts went forth, conversations were had, the Gospel was proclaimed and the night went smoothly. Everyone was engaged in engaging passer bys. It was a joy. I’d like to write something soon on how the local church should pursue this form of ministry. One thing I’d mention after years of doing this: Stay Consistent. Consistently in the Gospel, in witness, in location, in time, in prayer, in your community is essential to the mission. Part of the Frontline Apologetics mission is to equip the saints! I desire to equip the local church to do this on thier own. Frontline Apologetics desires to be a platform to make this happen. I don’t desire a million believers on one corner. I desire a million believers on different corners. 🙂 It starts here. Lord willing the ministry will continue to grow for His glory and I can have more time to devote to these important goals.

Yesterday, 11-19-16, I spent the whole day in Ann Arbor with Bill Adams of Sports Fan Outreach and his accompanied team and had the privelage to preach and evangelize alongside these bold men of the faith. While im exhausted having preached 4 times in the Michigan weather, I feel encouraged and recharged! The Lord is faithful to the uttermost. It was an emotional day as we were heralding the good news of the Gospel throughout the streets to thousands of people. I wish i could document it all. Thanks Darryl Bradford Jr for contacting SFO and thank you Bill Adams for calling me for the opportunity, I’m truly humbled by today’s outreach. And Jason Bradshaw for coordinating the teams. Enjoy the photos, a few short videos will be uploaded later as well.
Btw, I’d love to connect with the gentleman who came out. Tag them if you know them
I’ll put the videos on Frontline Apologetics Facebook
Ephesians 4:14-21
14 For this reason I bow my knees before the Father, 15 from whom every family[a] in heaven and on earth is named, 16 that according to the riches of his glory he may grant you to be strengthened with power through his Spirit in your inner being, 17 so that Christ may dwell in your hearts through faith—that you, being rooted and grounded in love, 18 may have strength to comprehend with all the saints what is the breadth and length and height and depth, 19 and to know the love of Christ that surpasses knowledge, that you may be filled with all the fullness of God.
20 Now to him who is able to do far more abundantly than all that we ask or think, according to the power at work within us, 21 to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, forever and ever. Amen.



video 1

video 2

video 3

video 4

video 5

video 6




11-22-16 Sean McDonald preaches amongst a desperate audience
I’m a few weeks behind on updates and my deep apologies for that. Much has been going on lately.
The team: Joel, Sean, Darryl, myself
I rejoiced this evening of outreach to have and hear Sean McDonald, from First Reformed Presbyterian church, preach from the box in the open-air! This was his second message, but his first with Frontline. Oh, what a wonderful song that had been sung unto the Lord from Matthew 11. This is one of the goals of Frontline Apologetics, to establish a platform for men affirmed by thier churches to herald the Truth! Pastor Craig Scott gave me the affirmative for Sean to open-air preach some time ago and in God’s timing, Sean did so. It was encouraging and solid. Such unction flowed from his mouth as he meditated on Psalm 130 and preached from Matthew. Several vehicles pulled over to listen. One woman pulled over in desperation to listen and weep. We had a deep and beautiful conversation and she listened as I answered her questions regarding the truths of Scripture. She left in awe and tears. It was divine appointment. The Lord’s Word goes forth without hindrance! A great honor to have such a faithful man of God and dear friend preach alongside us tonight!

If you notice, in the black vehicle behind Sean in some of the pictures, sits a woman. She is in her vehicle, waiting and whipping as she listens to the heralding of the Gospel. I patiently waited, and when i saw her ready to leave after a while i approached her vehicle. Praise God from whom all blessings flow!

The team: Joel and I
The following week, Joel and I went out and took to burton and Eastern again. The preaching was faithful and Joel had 2 encounters with unbelievers. The first with a young man who was eager and excited to hear of the Gospel of Christ. He’d never heard such news before and had no Bible. He left with both, Joel was deeply rejoicing! However, the second person, a man you claimed to have been saved by Yahweh, yet rejected the Christ, cursed Joel up and down and hated his neighbor. Joel pursued him in truth and love while confessing scripture, calling out sin and folly, and commanding the Gospel. It was wonderful. We had a steady evening and then took to our families to care for them. Please pray for Joel as he has a tough work on the ground.

The following picture is from the first time Joel ever came our with Frontline more than year ago

9-24-15 2

October 2016 Ministry Update: Frontline Apologetics

10-1-16 Artprize 8 Outreach with New City Fellowship OPC.
A successful New City Fellowship OPC Outreach event!
The Team: Myself, Joel (team leader), the rest of the Nylens, The Sandvigs (Johns household), The DeRuischers (Chris’ household), Edwin Cruz and Elder Harold.
Scripture: 2 Corinthians 5:16-21
Together between 500-600 Gospel tracts were distributed and received, wonderful one on one conversations took place, hearts were softened under the evangelism and public proclamation of God’s Law and the Gospel of Jesus Christ through the powerful work of the Holy Spirit. Some hearts seemed to be very hardened as blasphemy was shouted. We had men, women and children from many tongues tribes and nations hear of the redeemer, reconciler and righteous King; the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Despite sins temptation, the world’s way, and Satan’s efforts, we accomplished much through Christ’s Good News today. God is sovereign over both the weather and the human heart. Victory is in Jesus!
The encounters that were had were beautiful, I wish I had time to explain them all. May the Lord continue to grant New City a deep deep hunger for the Gospel and the lost and dying world that it penetrates. God alone belongs all glory!
Thank you, John, Libby and Emmi Sandvig, Joel VanOyen, Jessica, Leyanna and Cadence Nylen, Chris, Amy, Willa and Audra DeRuischer, Edwin Cruz and Elder Harold for putting boots on the ground at Rosa Parks Circle. Thank you to all who prayed! You held the rope as we went down into the well.
Whether written or spoken, the Gospel is salvation for all who believe. God was glorified in your efforts and our heavenly Father, I’m sure, is well pleased. On Christ the solid rock we stand…….
No King but Christ

10-5-16 Tim needs your prayers
As some of you may know I have made a job transition from MIT to Bijl Painting and Finishing to provide more for my family and for more future ministry opportunity. Im very grateful for John offering me such an opportunity. However, I’ll be honest, it’s been extremely strenuous and exhausting for me both physically and mentally. It’s difficult for me, but I love it. The Lord has blessed me here. An example of His great love for me is what happened at break today.
As some of you also know, I struggle with PTSD, and so my employer was gracious to move me from one job location to another this morning because of it. I took break a little later than normal and as I ate a man on a bike ride up to me. His name was Tim and he wanted to sell me a tape measure for a dollar. I took the opportunity to give him a dollar, not buy the tape measure and instead share with Tim the Gospel of Jesus Christ. When I asked Tim whether or not he thought he’d go to heaven he said, “I’m working on it”.
I told Tim of the wonderful work that Jesus has done on behalf of sinners on the cross. After Tim confessed much of his sin, I took him to the Gospel from Psalm 51. He was so thankful for our encounter and considered it a message from God. Tim plans to come sit under the preaching of God’s Word at New City this Sunday, if he does decide to show, please make him feel welcome. Pray for Tim, that he would repent and come to know the Lord Jesus through faith alone by God’s grace and that the tracts and Bible I gave him would go much further than the dollar bill.
Every field is a mission field.



10-8-16 The Man in Blue: Artprize Outreach #2
The team: Craig and his wife, Sean and his wife daughter’s, and myself.
I had plans to preach in the open air Saturday with First RP, but the Lord had other plans. During Artprize this year, I’ve had many unforseen circumstances interrupt the plans I had this year, but God is sovereign, therefore I rejoice. Friday I had a tooth extraction and it didn’t go as well as I hoped. God’s promises, particularly from Psalm 16, we’re fullfilled during my time at the dental office and He guided skillfully the hands of my dentist and her assistant. I took to meet with the First RP outreach and decided to pass out Gospel tracts. My goal was 150 of them to be received into the hands of people and the goal was met. Pastor Craig Scott and his wife, along with Sean McDonald and his 2 girls came out. It was a wonderful and windy afternoon!
Craig and I did some tract distribution before he preached. Many free Bibles were received at the table. We also spoke about city ordinances and police outreach. I really enjoy sharing the Gospel with the GRPD and other officers. We have a tract over mentioned before written by Tony Miano of cross encounters ministry and it is written and tailored by himself, a veteran County Sheriff from California. We spoke with the particular officer who was posted in front of us. It was a blessing, he wore the tract in his vest and was willing to take a picture with me and speak of life on duty as well as his alluding to being a professing Christian.
We shared nice small talk and had a few good laughs as I passed out tracts. He also came over and gave Sean daughter’s junior police stickers as they sat curled up in a blanket behind the free Bibles table. It was a blessing. Would you do us a favor and pray for Officer Kevin? He was also a fellow veteran of the Armed Services. A marine and now an officer. He deploys everyday to the streets of Grand Rapids. It was faithful day and an encouraging day. God was glorified, his Gospel went forth and while my mouth was very sore afterward, I wouldn’t of had it any other way. Praise Him from whom all blessings flow!
And stay tuned for the New City Fellowship Artprize Outreach update!


10-11-16 Shooting at Clearance Outlet
The Team : Joel and I
Scripture: Romans 13:11-16
Last Tuesday, Joel and I sat down in a local pub called The Derby (where the Caucasians seem to hide), a place where it reminds you that you shouldn’t always judge a book by its cover. We sat down and discussed ministry strategy concerning cross cultural outreach and what we should do with the news that the corner party store has been shut down. It was a fruitful evening and the brew was good. We also spoke of what we call, Operation Tiger Lily. Perhaps I’ll share soon.
This Tuesday, we took the Gospel to the 1800 block of Kalamazoo where there was a recent shooting and a murder. According to the gentleman we ran into at the scene, there were 4 shooters involved and 3 have been detained. Link here:…/grand-rapids-police-respo…/331772322
We brought a card signed NCF, a Bible, a tract and a bouquet of flowers to leave behind to whom it may concern. The scene had been cleaned up, but there were still broken glass, vomit, and blood stains on the floor. Joel and I prayed and Romans 13:11-16 came to his mind. What a fitting set of passages! After praying and reflections and asking the Holy Spirit to guide us, we went toward the building to share Christ.
We made contact and spoke with several people. A few men from the cleanup crew: Manuel (Lupes auto) whom was an ex cocaine addict, drug dealer and gang member and had a Gospel conversation with us, went thru the scripture with us in one of our Spanish Bibles and received a tract and BIGGEST? Dvd, Troy who didn’t want to talk much while he was working, and another gentleman who owned a few of the businesses on the strip and who had to wake up at 3 am to provide the GRPD the security tape footage. They shared some detailed information with us but didn’t want to talk about the Lord.
Every one we engaged were devastated, shocked, changed and sobered by what theyd seen and experienced. They were thinking on matters of death and life. It was fertile soil for the Gospel, written and spoken and we pray the seed would take root and spring up good and lasting fruit worthy of the King who provides the increase.
Pray for Grand Rapids. Pray that we would see others in thier misery and need and be unashamed to share Christ with them. We must display the mercy of God by His great commission to go therefore and make disciples. You cannot disciple an unbeliever, so we must evangelize the lost, pray the elect be effectually called, and watch them grow in the grace and knowledge and obedience of Christ. As the church, we must go far beyond the four walls and into the muddy water.
The world has nowhere to turn without God’s grace, the gift of repentance and faith in Christ alone, God’s Word, and His glory. Without God, you cannot make sense of these evils, without God there is no justification to complain, without God you only have death.
When people are shot and someone is murdered, all the world can say is, “Good bye, I’ll never see you again.” But for the Christian? The Christian says, “Good night brother, goodnight sister, I’ll see you in the morning”.
Romans 13:11-14English Standard Version (ESV)
11 Besides this you know the time, that the hour has come for you to wake from sleep. For salvation is nearer to us now than when we first believed. 12 The night is far gone; the day is at hand. So then let us cast off the works of darkness and put on the armor of light. 13 Let us walk properly as in the daytime, not in orgies and drunkenness, not in sexual immorality and sensuality, not in quarreling and jealousy. 14 But put on the Lord Jesus Christ, and make no provision for the flesh, to gratify its desires.

10-15-16 Car Crash on Burton and Eastern
Urgent Prayer Request
Driving back from a prayer vigil led by a brother in Christ for the 100th anniversary of planned parenthood, I crossed the Burton and Eastern intersection to see a woman unconscious in the passenger seat of a vehicle will blood coming from her head and face. I pulled over with Cadence and we walked over to pray, minister the Gospel and read the Word of God to those in the area. Pray for this mother. Her daughter as well, who is on he way to the hospital and is just devastated. As well, pray for Syd, who just found out his father died. He was on the corner and told me before we prayed with a passer by who happened to be a pastor. God be with our Police officers, fire department and EMTS and may this young woman’s mother be healed and find utmost comfort and peace in Jesus Name. May Andel involved be awakened to the Gospel according to God’s sovereign grace.

10-15-16 PP 100th Anniversary Prayer Vigil
Prayers went out both silently and outloud, the Gospel was proclaimed, people received tracts and were spoken to about Jesus and passer bys witnessed the gathering of God’s people on behalf of babies who are murdered in the womb. A faithful gathering led by brother Dean Luurtsema. My youngest daughter Cadence Grace came with me and she was blessed by the event and the other children who showed up.
Leviticus 20

The update above regarding the car accident occurred on the way home from that event.


10-18-16 Burton and Eastern
What God does with 45 minutes….
The Team: Joel, Darryl and myself
It typically seems to be the case that whenever we go out to herald the Truth, that we have a mixed multitude of those who rejoice and those who blaspheme, those who strongly agree with the preaching and those who oppose and despise it. Christ ran into those same issues. Tonight was very clear to us that this was yet again the case. Some nights are more clear than others.
This time, we had people unashamed to clap, rejoice and shout praises to God with us from there vehicles. It was encouraging and just beautiful. We also had one women who was surely under Satan’s efforts. A vile and hate filled woman, a God hater that would surely crucify the Christ she claimed to know. She cursed at Joel earlier and later she approached us to yell vulgarity at me, tried to kick me in the groin several times and shoved me while continuing to blaspheme God and curse at me. All the while, she professed to be a Christian and spoke highly of her catechism. I pursued the God-hater in truth and love until she crossed the street. She was graciously told about who Jesus was and what he has done for sinners. From the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks. I was once like her. God doesn’t love us because of who we are, but despite who we are and desires to change us. These encounters always leave me sober. Ephesians 2 is EVERY believers biography. Christ came to save sinners, of which I was the foremost!
We also ran into some regulars. Keisha, from chicken coop could use much prayer for her entire family. Grandma, son, uncles, friends. She shared a wonderful healing testimony with me and I reminded her of the quote on the menu that only what is done for Christ will last. Christian, if you’ve been following over the last year, has his head vice off and is riding his bike around again. Our regular friend was excited to come see us. He is such a blessing. We were asking him of his physical healing and yet he couldn’t help but to praise God for His overcoming pornography and seeing sex from a Biblical view. There was also our dear friend Kavante! He is a freshman at Central and sees fights every day. We prayed with him and spoke of Biblical manhood and how he should not be a statistic in the system but a saint in the kingdom. Pray for this young man as he frequents the local dollar store and is often out about the dangerous streets. That he would be a genuine light in his highschool for Christ.
We were out for 45 minutes and the Lord used this time for His excellence and glory. 45 minutes and many people heard the Gospel of salvation for all who believe!
Romans 1:16



Ministry Will Not Become My Mistress:
FOR MY WIFE ON OUR 4 YEAR ANNIVERSARY: Although I’ve said similar words before, they are more true and matured today.
I thought to myself this morning about what I enjoyed about you in our marriage, why i treasured moments in our marriage so much. Here is a small reflection on what was running through my mind.
This is one of the most important days of my life, it is the birth of my wife and I’s covenant. It was a moment in God’s will. You were the sprout of a seed that grew beautifully intricately into the only flower i seek to smell, the only rose by which i seek to be pricked, the only beauty that brings me back, and the an important root that brings me deeper to the love of God in Christ. You remind me of the one who saved me moreso than just being made in His image. Your smile reminds me of his love, and your righteous (and unrighteous) anger encourages me that I deserve every bit of wrath that by His mercy and forgiveness He has kept from me. And your touch promotes me to feel like I’ve never felt before.
He has enslaved your movements to my heart and i cannot thank God enough for these past 4 years. The hand of a woman that stands for grace, a gift I did not deserve. And i have your father and mother to thank for He has sovereignly used them to mold you into the woman beyond my dreams.
How can a wretched man saved by grace such as myself dream up something as beautiful as you? I can’t. I can’t.
Today, is a beautiful day…may our marriage always represent Christ and the church whom He loves unconditionally. While we were yet sinners, He blessed us and died for us. These have been amazing years my precious wife, and I am falling in love with you and our daughters more and more every day. May God continue to grant His richest and most beautiful blessings and sufferings to our marriage, that is faithfully founded in Him and Him alone. Our household and family is much better because God said “Yes” and we responded with, “I do”.
Isaiah 43:2-3
When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; and through the rivers, they shall not overflow you. When you walk through the fire, you should not be burned, nor shall the flame scorch you. For I am the Lord your God, The Holy One of Israel, your Savior.

John Waller – The Marriage Prayer w/Lyrics
This song I want to dedicate to all the married couples or those who seek to getting marry someday or soon…hoping every couples/singles put God first in…

10-25-16 Another Shooting
Please read the link:…/19514279/woman_shot_outside_after-…
The Team: Joel, Jamin and myself
Edwin, a brother, friend and regular attendee at New City as a result of the Lord’s Words being proclaimed at Rosa Parks Circle, informed me of another shooting in SE Grand Rapids. Again, please read above. The plan was to go to RPC, but in light of this news, we met at Burton and Eastern for the briefing and then convoyed over to Eastern and Franklin and parked across the street from where the shooting took place. We were briefly encouraged by Joels father, (Deacon Joel) as well as Joel seeing Cristian. Times of crisis in the neighborhood take precedence when they occur and the Gospel is brought to the scene. God will bring all his elect to Himself.
We walked up to the bullet hole from the round that pierced the door of the building and prayed. We then walked down as far as the corner of the store and shared the Gospel with those whom we crossed paths with. I believe that when the Gospel is pre-eminent, that cross cultural outreach becomes a natural result. I did not say a comfortable result for the individual, but a natural result for the Gospel. There’s only one race that needs the Gospel, the human race. We brought the Gospel for salvation to all who believe. Regardless of the sinful beliefs of groups like the KKK and the sects of black hebrew Israelites, the Bible remains the authority and skin color holds no salvific significance.
Alton was the first gentleman we ran into. He was grateful and seemed to be in a good mood. We told him about the incident and explained the truths of Scripture to him and how Jesus suffered with us and died for us. He was happy to take a picture and take a tract. We then walked further down toward the party store and remained for a little while to speak with a drunk, an older woman, and a few olde men. They all received Gospel tracts and briefly talked.
We ended the evening back at the parking lot to debrief and pray. As we prayed, 2 young men were walking towards us speaking slang and having a smoke. In my mind flesh I thought, “let them pass, we don’t want any trouble tonight”. I had fear. My spirit had thoughts otherwise. How dare we withhold such good news because of our bias’ and personal thoughts of an individual. Praise the Lord, I “shook my head” and approached them with tracts and began small talk. We all spoke for about 15 minutes about the incident, the streets, God’s Law and His precious Gospel. They stood corrected at one point and heeded to wisdom, and then Joel offered the both free Bibles. They gladly recieve them, told us how deep and meaningful it was to them that we would be out in the area and approaching them specifically. Joel proclaimed God’s sovereignty over evangelism and we told them justification was by faith alone in Christ alone. It was beautiful.
The 2 gentleman then commended us as to how brave we were to be in this particular neighborhood to share Jesus. They warned us to go home. And we did.
Pray for SE Grand Rapids today. Oh how it needs the Gospel. We fish in dirty water…..


September Ministry Update: Frontline Apologetics 2016

8-30-16 Reductio Ad Absurdum
The Team: Joel, Darryl, myself (matt shoeed up as well to say hi) and a link up with First RP (Craig, Craigs wife, and Sean)
This night was busy. Lots of interaction occurred and the Lord in His power, sustained us and caused us to be faithful to the call. We were a fragrance to the Lord, but a smell of offense to many of those made in His image today. It was a good day of fishing and I was able to test out the GoPro again.
We had Darryl Bradford Jr. out for the first time today and he made a great asset to the team. He was filled with passion and wisdom and zeal and he was attentive to the flow of Frontline. Watching him and Joel tread the ground was encouraging and motivating. They discerned well and used the sub crowds that formed from the crowds I made as an opportunity to keep sharing the Gospel. Sean was steadfast in watching my 6, distributing tracts relentlessly and offering up to contend for the faith. He’s one of the most solid guys I know. The First RP guys are no joke. They deliver faithfully for the Lord of Glory.
I hit the open air first with Isaiah 40, and then Craig preached after. He had a noteable discussion with 5 Roman Catholic teens who are deeply involved in the church. Please pray for more discussion to ensue and for thier turning to true repentance and faith in Jesus Christ alone. A gentleman came up to “worship” me, and many conversations came about through the discussion I had with a militant atheist. Praise God! The professing atheist worldview is absurd. It was reduced to absurdity and called to obedience of the Lord. We dont aim to be perfect during such encounters, but wevaim to be faithful. This particular gentleman abandoned his position and left in pride along with his unbelieving friends. He didn’t give me his name, but he introduced himself as “son of satan”. Pray for him, that our conversation pierced his heart and that the Gospel would take deep root through the effectual calling of the Holy Spirit.
The evening was a late one, we were all excited to return to our covenant families. Praise be to our God, three in one!

First Video encounter with professing Atheist HERE


9-6-16 Taco Tuesday
The team: Joel, Darryl and myself.
Tonight was clearly God’s plan, as it always is. We initially set out to do a 45 minute drop-in, but I thought it wise to get to know Darryl a little more and to explain to him, “why Burton and Eastern?” We also did a video chat with a regular, our dear friend Cristian which recently had surgery. Hes the young man with tbe fattire bike from our pictures that you may have been prayimg for. We each read scripture to him and prayed for him before we began the briefing on John 3 and common misconceptions.
So, we refrained from the open air and I figured we would walk Darryl through each business and pass out tracts with brief one on one’s as we start our relationships on God’s Gospel. We hadn’t much time left and I wanted to still fit in some evangelism. We decided to begin with the Wing Avenue on the corner. We remained there for the rest of the evening, as the Lord planned to expose SE Grand Rapids’ utter need for the Gospel through the lost manager of Wing Avenue itself, Tony. His worldview was corrupt and he we confessed scripture, Called out his folly and Commanded the Gospel. A crowd heard clearly our loud discussion. Thanks for your prayers.
We got free tacos.
God was glorified tonight and His will was clearly seen. I’ve not time to provide details.
Soli Deo Gloria


PRAYERS NEEDED for Grand rapids tonight
Driving the girls home from grandma’s and saw a large police scene at 32nd and eastern.
Please pray for all involved. I just listened to the live conference with Cpt. Koster of Wyoming PD. At 1724 (5:24) the PD was investigating a stolen handgun case, a suspect received a handgun during the exchange that was under investigation. The suspect was seen receiving the weapon, taking of on thier boke, and fleeing the scene. K9 tracked the bike. Approx 1915 (7:15) PD received a tip.
An officer held to protocol and came upon the suspect to assess the situation appropriately at which point the suspect reached to thier back pocket and drew the weapon. The officer drew his weapon in self defense according, the suspect pointed the weapon at the officer. The suspect is deceased and Kent County will now be investigating. There is no specific identifications of the suspect right now as they are contacting family. More information will be given at appropriate and respective times. This is all according to the conference talk I just heard.
Please pray for the officer and for the suspects family at this moment.
Grand Rapids needs the Gospel.


9-9-16 Heritage Clinic
I wish I had sufficient time to address the day. It was faithful. My beautiful wife and her friend (for the first time) joined me today in the fight for bodies and souls. The women passed out tracts, prayed, and we’re prepared to talk with a women if it came to it. It was emotional, draining, and yet the Lord gave us all strength as always. We ran into a dear brother who encouraged us greatly as well as some men and women from the Omega house that came out to encourage us as we spoke the truth in love. We also had another visit by the police who received a call from someone who simply hated hearing the Gospel of the LORD. We love and respect our law enforcement and enjoy the encounters we have with them. God uses these situations for His glory and our good. God be glorified. I pleaded with a young man who smoked 3 cigarettes as he listened to me preach to him and call him to repentance and faith and to flee the place of death with his significant other. He listened, but I saw no action while I was there. A few passer bys gave the girls hugs and and thanked us for being bold and loving, firm and compassionate at the same time. We must balance well, the law and the Gospel. Preach the full counsel of God in accordance with the Scriptures, not mere opinion. Opinions don’t save souls, God’s truth does. Pray for us as we continue to minister the Gospel in such dramatic circumstances.
Jesus be glorified. Disturbing The Chaos On Fulton Street 10m Video HERE

30s video here:
Again, i apologize for the lack of details. Lord willing I will be allotted more time to provide timely updates.



9-13-16 Pray for Nikkel
The Team: Myself, Joel, Darryl
Tonight we focused on 1 Corinthians 15! We ran into our friend James Yeck (whom specifically came over in hopes we would be on the corner this evening for some prayer) he sat down and listened to along to the entire open air. Many people stopped tonlisten, including Wing Ave customers, Harvest health customers and even a gentleman from the Derby Bar who stood outside the whole time listening. Joel had a few one on one’s that were great reminders of the simplicity of the Gospel and he was used greatly by God near the end of Darryls one on one, with a young man named Nikkel, that lasted the entire time.
After tonight’s outreach, the following text transpired concerning Darryl and Nikkel. Please pray for this young man!
Darryl: invited him to new city and he said this:
“I might go to hear the word. But im gonna be real. Im not converting. ”
please be praying for Nikell brothers
holla at me if you ever do so I can make sure I see you if you come
Nikell:Ok. I might come Sunday
Joel: As you told him tonight, if the Lord chooses to save him, he has no choice in the matter. “And those whom he predestined he also called, and those whom he called he also justified, and those whom he justified he also glorified” I will pray that it be the Lord’s will to save Nikell for Himself and His glory.
Darryl: amen bro
Stephen : Jesus said, “No one can come to Me, unless it has been granted him from the Father” (John 6:65). “Nor does anyone know the Father, except the Son, and anyone to whom the Son wills to reveal Him” (Matt. 11:27). Therefore no one who is saved has anything to boast about (Eph. 2:8-9). “Salvation is from the Lord” (Jonah 2:9).
My family will be praying tonight for Nikkel. May God call him unto Himself. Prayer is so vital!
Darryl, do you mind if I share this text conversation for the update?
Darryl: no problem bro…in meeting Nikell, it’s not like he’s hiding behind his statement of not becoming a Christian…in his mind he firmly believes it…I pray Christ will free him of his “own” will just like he does all of his children
Stephen : Awesome. And we’ll said. Sleep well brothers. No King but Christ

9-20-16 Beautiful Art, Hard Heart
Scripture reading : 1 Timothy 1:15
15 Here is a trustworthy saying that deserves full acceptance: Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners—of whom I am the worst.
The Teams: Frontline Apologetics: Myself, Joel, and Darryl. Guests were Edwin (regular attendee at New City) and Trent (congregant of Galilee Baptist)
First RP: Craig and Sean
This will be a short update. We started our evening seeing Charles riding down Monroe center. I enjoy running into Charles. He always has the Scripture, “No weapon formed against me shall prosper….” coming from his lips. Today, Charles let us know that he was jumped and robbed in broad daylight shortly before we ran into him. We prayed with him, gave him a tract and a little money. May God grant those who jumped Charles genuine repentance and faith, else His wrath bring the way of the wicked to ruin.
I had a memorable time in the open air. A gentleman received prayer as he explained to me that his son (8 2nd airborne),was killed in airborne car accident. A few different regulars gave me support and encouragement, and a professing Atheist who claimed that Science was his foundation and admitted that he thought of himself as his ultimate authority. He was shown his folly and sin and pointed toward the cross.
Craig was nearly assaulted during his open air. A gentleman who was spray painting beautiful art, had a hard heart and ran up to shove Craig off the box. Craig stepped down to ask the man what he was doing and he began blasphemies God and cursing at Craig in an attempt to kick his stool over. He was so filled with anger at the preaching. The Word of God does not come back void. We prayed for this angry artist and his significant other as he bragged to his friends about what he did. He stirred up the audience and we took advantage of it and had some great one on ones.
A faithful evening and God was glorified.



9-23-16 The Gift Terminating Place
God is always at work as the Sovereign of all things, but there are days it is so clear to my cloudy eyes that I cannot contain it. While it seems I always say that whenever we are out to proclaim the Gospel, I must say it again! The Lord was clearly at work!!!! He knows what we meed, when we need it and He is in control of the battle. He has ordained the beginning and the end and has told us the outcome of the battle. Go therefore!!!
Little did I know that today, as I was walking down the sidewalk to the Abortion clinic, that I was being watched by security cameras from within the killing place. They called the GRPD before I’d even begun preaching! I know this because 1. As sidewalk advocate Dean was praying over me and I over him, the police car showed up. And 2. The officer explained this to us during our conversation with him. They made a preemptive strike and it revealed much of thier evil tactic. They are assaulting not me, but the Gospel.
The police officer was met with handshakes a Police Lives Matter tract and a brief conversation and then he went directly into the clinic. He came out of the clinic 5 minutes later and explained that the clinic had called regarding my presence. The Lord sent him today so the preaching could go forth. I’m quite certain we had a professing christian officer with us as well. Not only was he a veteran, but he acknowledged and affirmed the Gospel truths I was sharing with him. As he left, he said something to the likes of, “everyone shouts ‘save the whales’, ‘save the dolphins’, but not many people shout ‘save the children’. He then got in his patrol car and left. It seemed that he upheld the law to the glory of God per Romans 13. Lord willing, that is the case or will be the case.
The Law and the Gospel went forth in all its power and it pierced into the hearts of the people in the waiting room. They can hear me clearly. One young man named Stephen came out of the waiting room to confront me about the preaching. He was one of the most gentle and kind unbelieving gentleman ive met since open air preaching and yet the most deceiving and hateful gentleman I’ve ever met. If I find time to write in detail about him l, I’ll do so. I gave him my word I would post his face so I’ll hold to it. He offered to take tracts and information inside if in would be quite and leave. He tried to strike a deal with me. He surely serves the one who disguises himself as an angel of light and seeks to steal kill and destroy. What a deadly and hard heart. Please pray for him, his significant other and the doctor who likely murdered the baby today. May they find mercy at the cross.
Might I add, a post abortion couple received a tract and free services card. The Gospel saves and Jesus took our sin and our shame to the cross.
Proverbs Chapter 1 very well describes how my time at the Murder Mill typically goes. No King but Christ.

August 2016 Ministry Update: Frontline Apologetics

8-2-16 Johovah Jireh, The Lord will provide.
The team: Joel, Sean (came to pray) and myself.
My open air Bible, I left at work. My milk crate, I left in my wife’s vehicle. My tracts and outreach Bibles, I left in my wife’s vehicle. I virtually had nothing I’m used to having. But the Lord provides.
Joel had an outreach Bible for me to use, I had a pocket full of tracts that I usually have on me and the tailgate of my truck. The Lord provides. In fact, many people eagerly listened to what I had to say this evening. Who’s that crazy guy shouting atop the truck? (Shout out to brother Dan Courney.) “Why would someone shout from the tailgate of a ford, risking his reputation? Either he is a lunatic, or he has something urgent to say.”
My friends, I confess and suspect that it is both!
I preached from Exodus 10:21 (plague of darkness) and drove it home with John 3 and 8.
Sean showed up during the briefing and prayed for us and then he went to Rosa Parks with First RP (pastor Craig Scott) to evangelize. Amen! Pray for them.
We also ran into John, who has begun to be a regular at New City. I’ve had opportunity to serve Him on the streets in several ways with Joel through tracts, water, and rides. We have been praying for him to get a job……
John said he was tired and I eagerly asked him why? He rejoiced, “because I just got back from work!”. What joy overtook me! Say hi to him at Kens fruit market if you see him and congratulate him on Sunday as he said he would be there! The Lord provided him a job!
We had a faithful 30 minutes. Joel distributed the Gospel and had a one on one and I engaged vehicles, passer bys and was asked by a local business owner very nicely to move back to the corner instead of in front of his shop. I voiced to him that I would finish the message and afterward I went inside to inform him that the souls of people and his own soul was far too important for me to move and I loved him. I gave our professing Muslim friend a tract, and thanked him for his kindness.
Please pray for the professing Muslim population in our neighborhood today. Oh, how they need Jesus. Pray for us, that we would bold and relentless in love and compassion without compromising the Gospel of our our Lord Jesus.
A shout out to a coworker I saw, Tommy, and a friend, Lissa. I enjoy seeing friends on the streets, I hope you were stirred in your heart by the preaching of God’s Word to repent and believe.
Ps I enjoyed a wonderful meal that my faithful wife prepared for me while I was out. What joy it is to come home from the field and receive such God honoring service from my love. I also had the utter joy of having all my girls present to sing with me, Victory in Jesus and my wife to pray for me before i left today as we always try to do. Preach the Gospel to your family more than to the streets. 😉


8-4-16 In need of some urgent help

Brothers and sisters in Christ,
As some of you may know, every other thursday i utilize my lunch break to go preach the Gospel at an abortion clinic here in Grand Rapids. My work schedule has changed and does not permit me to go any longer. However, i now have the availability to go on Fridays during lunch. My dilemma is that i watch my 1 year old daughter Cadence Grace on Fridays and i am in need of a trusted Christian friend to watch her while i go to the place of death and preach life. This would only be for 2 hours at the most. I would drop her off with her diaper bag and likely a little lunch. If any of you, after prayerful consideration, could help in this way, it would afford me the time to go forth to plead for sinners to turn to Christ and receive the grace and mercy of God through faith in Christ alone. You would play a vital role in saving those being led to the slaughter. Let me know, this is a life or death issue.
In truth and love for Savior and souls, the least of men,

8-9-16 Providence, Prayer and Pleading
The Team: Joel and I
Tonight was faithful and encouraging in that we had much motivation from the commumity to keep on proclaiming the Gospel tonight and one great one on one with a young man named Javon. 8 Bibles among tracts and dvds were received and people held up traffic to listen to the preaching tonight. It was hot, but the Gospel is always regreshing to the soul of those who come to Christ in thier thirst. Consistency on location, ive come to find, is crucial in this form of ministry. I praise God for calling me to have the burton and eastern (b&e) in the rotation of locations.
A regular and dear friend Cristian came out today specifically for prayer. He has a surgery on Friday at 1p. Would you pray for him? He is having a halo put in to bring his lower and upper jaw back into alignment. As we ministered to him regarding this issue and his transparency about a sin issue he struggles with, an old teacher, mentor and friend whom i highly respect kindly interupted us. It was MSG Hall, my old jrotc instructor from highschool! I was filled with joy to see her and to give her a Thank You tract. What amazing providence our God has!
After further ministry to Cristian through prayer and Romans 8 and 4, i took to the box and Joel pursued the street.
As i stated earlier, people held up traffic to listen, recieve free Bibles and tracts and dvds. We had one gentleman raise his Bible in support and offer a donation as the light turned green. It was very encouraging. I bet fellow Christians are excited to see true trumpet blowers of Christ preaching Christ crucified on these streets instead of it always being the damning and false teaching of the BHI and the HI and the Farakhan fans. If you have not yet prayed for SE grand rapuds, please start.
Joel encountered a young man named Javon and engaged him for almost the whole time i was on the box. Meanwhile, before i joined him and Javon, an elderly woman and her friend/or dsughter pulled up with such joy on thier faces! Mrs. Fields was her name and she was GIDDY. they gladly recieved a handful of free Bibles and they donated 4 dollars to the ministry along with a most encouraging prayer from both of these beautiful ladies! I was tearing up from thier joy for Jesus and His Gospel to be proclaimed. They had such unction and power in that prayer. They insisted i take the donation and i humbly recieved it. Out of pocket, i generally spend 200 a month on minidtry, and every dollar counts. The Gospel provides the Gospel, the money will go toward the gopro as soon as i get it approved. Praise God for these dear saints that he sent to me.
I walked over to Joel afterward to assist in his conversation with Javon. Im always encouraged as i walk up to spot a fellow soldier. Javon, was very nice to talk with. He was not militant or angry, but he was trying to nicely justify his unbelief, presenting every excuse he could think of. He was confronted with the truth, exposed for his attempt to deny God, reduced to absurdity and called to repentance and faith toward God in Christ. Joel did an amazing job and a faithful job at this. God was glorified. We were out of time so we let Javon take off.
Lord willing we see him for a third time. 🙂
Be praying dear brothers and sisters, all you families who ascribe to the Lord.


8-12-16 Abortion Clinics
I read mainly from proverbs 1 and psalm 127,128 and 139 today. As well as Romans 1.
This week its busy, so bullet points it is. Your prayers have been essential in this ministry and im so grateful for them!
•dropped Cadence off at the Hovens who faithfully answered the call to help in this way. She had a blast with thier 3 children!
•went to the evenson center, it was closed.
•decided to leave a dvd at the door and relocate to the heritage clinic for recon. Half way there i prayed and listened to the leasing of the Holy Spirit.
• I reconed the area and thought id, A. Assist brothers and sisters in the battlefield from the omega house with my cold gatorade and prayer support. and B. Make a hasty assault down into thier parking lot with a hand full of Gospel tracts and distribute until i ran out of tracts or people to give them to and then peel out.
• i saw a likely brother who seemed to be a sidewalk counselor to encourage with gatorade and prayer and he in turn ended up greatly blessing me from his heart, both physically through money, handshakes and hugs and spiritually through the Word of God and prayer. Soon i will not have a poormans gopro. It was running into a fellow soldier in the heat of battle under the Lordship of Jesus Christ that caused my plans to change. Pray for him.
•after wed talked, prayed and sharpened iron, i had a change of plans. I was also not equipped well enough to execute the original plan after hearing about how vigilant the enemy was at this location. Wisdom and zeal must go hand in hand. We must submit to Gods plan.
•i began to herald the Law of God and the Gospel of Christ while pleading with people going in to murder children. Oh, how God was glorified through His Son Jesus Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit to carry His Word forth from the chapped lips and sweaty brow of a lowly man.
Results from the Open Air today at “heritage” murder mill.
•everyone except 2 people recieved a gospel tract as they passed me by on the sidewalk and leaving the mill.
• one young man hurled yhreats at me and turned around aggressively as if to fight me. The women he was with held him back and he got in the car. As they pulled up to leave, i pleaded called them to turn to Jesus. They cursed me and said they loved murder and enjoyed death. They returned about 10 minutes later in an attempt yo do a driveby, honking thier horn to try and drown out the preaching of the Word of God. Spotcheck: thats impossible.
• a young women took a tract and a prc card as she left. She listened to me tell her about forgiveness in Christ.
•i pleaded with a few more ladies who walked in and out.
•A man told me to go F myself from my 6, so i challenged his worldview. He did not return. Pray for his wicked heart.
•i noticed a few people putside on thier porches mocking me thriufh the reflection of the clean windows of the filthy place.
•A women stopped to ask me what the building was used for and why i was preaching outside of it. She was a professed Christian and she took a tract and seemed thankful and encourafed by my honesty. We were interuptes by an unbelieving woman who bacame my last one on one before the police officers arrived.
• i engaged the woman who interrupted us in a nice conversation that lasted for some time. She asked if what i was doing actually did anything and asked about sensitivity, etc. She sounded much like many professing Christians who think that this type of ministry is run on results rather than the Word of God. She refused the Gospel tract several times, she was shown her folly and exposed to truth of abortion and the Gospel. I planned to wrap it up after our conversation.
•Someone called law enforcment on the preaching.
• a second officer would arrive. Citation and/or arrest were warned by one officer and the other officer seemed to give me the go head with a “what momma dont know wont hurt her” approach. I respect them both. They wanted everyone happy, to find a good balance. A subjective balance. Spotcheck: there is none, NO NEUTRALITY. Be wise as a serpent and gentle as a dove. The only way i plan to be arrested will not be from my own offense, but by the offense of the Gospel alone. I still got your 6 blue! Police lives matter!
I am so blessed by the prayer support you all have given. Thank you for holding the rope and being my supply and support.
Soli Deo Gloria


I am indebted to my Lord for giving me such a wife and daughters. Indeed, the open air preacher is not only sent by the authority of the local church, but it is the churches obligation to be sure that he is also sent by his family.

A great night. Lots of interaction. I wish id taken more pictures. Joel and i were constantly engaged in one on ones with professing atheists, christians, agnostics, homosexuals, and militant God haters. The coversations went well. Confess Scripture, Call out Folly, Command the Gospel.
Kris pulled a lot of security for Tom as he engaged with a very tough crowd. They even began to chant “hail kiss” for a few minutes as others shouted blasphemy toward God and mocked the faithful proclamation. There were a few intense moments and God used them to sanctify us.
Ive not the time to share all the details. People took tracts, an audacity dvd was recieved and people were called to repentance and faith. May Gods elect hear His voice and come freely to the throne of grace.
The grass fades, the flowers die but the Word of the Lord remains forever.



8-18-16 A Christian Who Hates the Gospel
The Teams: Joel and myself of Frontline Apologetics and Pastor Craig Scott, his wife and Sean from First RP (reformed presbyterian).
Oh, what a night it was! Much has been happening in the Nylen household lately and so ive not had ample time to update in detail. The same will be for this update.
Joel and i arrived early to do our briefing and pray up. Leyanna (my oldest daughter) was with me. We sung music in the truck on the way and it was a joy to my soul. She enjoys swing nights with her friends. After prayer we began to search for the First RP gents and we saw them to our 6, setting up a table with free bibles and literature. We walked over and touched base. I would preach first and then Craig would follow as the guys with boots on the ground would pass out tracts and engage in one on ones. I was blessed to have much support as i took to the box, it really charges me up to get hugs, high fives and amens from the saints and regular people who have become familiar with our ministry.
A quick overview of my time on the box:
Before i stepoed up i passed out 3 Police Lives Matter tracts to 3 officers in our immediate area.
Was encouraged by fellow brothers and sisters in Christ from the local church as well as some familiar faces that i havent seen since last year.
Had a good open air discussion sharing the Law of God and the Gospel of Christ with a few females whom i hooked while they were walking together. They sincerely thanked me.
A young woman drove by and yelled, “did Jesus make me gay?!?” I called for her to come talk. She didnt.
Many people were confronted with thier utter need for Christ and Him alone.
I then stepped down and Craig took to the box a few feet away. He faithfully stood to herald the good news and a small crowd of 4 people formed, they even sat down to listen. Many heard the thunder of Gods Word as he used His servant, Craig, to light up the street with the truth and peace found alone in Christ the risen King.
I fenced his audience from a gentleman named Marcello who, according to my discernment, would not have been a “good heckler” but rather someone who was merely interested in pulling apart the small crowd that was intentfully listening to my brothers message. I know, “dont take your brothers heckler”, but i believe you ought to have situational awareness and in rare cases, such as this, pursue the unbeliever. In fact, he pursued me first to critique the message id just preached.
While Pastor Craig preached, i spoke with Marcello near a few other people who listenes in on our conversation as well, they were blessed to hear the Gospel pouring forth from our conversation. It was wonderful. We would all spend the remainder of the evening in bounding overwatch toward his heart with the Word of God. It grieved me to see this man in a such rejection of the Lord by suppressing and distorting the truth. Our conversation began like an average one on one and as it went along his folly began to be exposed as Gods Word was revealing his nakedness. There was a very patient man closely following who was blessed by recieving a free spanish bible and spanish book of 1 John.
Joel engaged in a few one on ones and did some mass tract ditribution and Sean did likewise. Everyone spoke with Marcello at one point or another. Everyone was Biblically faithful to our King. It was a great evening. Afterward i was blessed to watch my daughter Leyanna and her friend Cameron have a blast swing dancing. A deep joy to see her having such fun! There is certainly a time to dance! May God be glorified in all that we do.

8-23-16 Speechless


My Facebook Page for Frontline Apologetics is still not allowing more than 2 photos. So, I’ll post this update on here again. May the Lord be recognized. There is much more to be said from this, but I’m simply trying to give an account.

An emotional day on the Frontlines. A true reminder that we are in a real battle.
At around 2100 (9pm) 2 men were renovating a home at 1645 college st near the intersection of dickinson. They sat down on the porch to take a break. 3 suspects rode up on bikes and demanded money, at which point they drew a firearm (pistol) and shot one of the men, Kenneth, several times and pistol whipped thr other man, unnamed, and then fled the scene. Kenneth died early in the morning from the injuries. He is deeply missed by a significant other and 2 young boys (his children), and dear family and friends.…/update-victim-of-robbery-shooting…/…/man-shot-multiple-times-in-grand-r…/amp/
Perhaps one of the most humbling moments in open air ministry is when the preacher steps down from his box and down into the suffering of the hearers. While this is always the case on the box, there is something particularly notable when a real life xperience happens that causes you to take a different avenue of approach. I believe this is a reflection of what the Lord Jesus did for us. He proclaimed His Gospel on high and yet lowered himself as a servant. The Lion of the tribe of Judah and yet the Lamb who was slain for sinners. God took on flesh! The Gospel is personal! It’s exclusive! It’s majestic! It seeks to save the lost and to uphold the broken! So we go. We follow the Holy Spirit and take Gospel, from what I’ve heard from a speaker recently, to the gutter-most. As such were we.
When I hear of these horrific events, in SE Grand Rapids, I desire to bring the Gospel to them; and so i do. Christ is the only cure. Last time we did this was the Stroy Pittman murder, this time was the Kenneth East/Kirkwood murder.
The Team: Joel and I
We located the porch, parked at the school for our SP, and walked over to recon and pray together and to do the briefing. We then waited for people to walk by to pray for them and with them and to share the Gospel via tract distribution and conversation. There was a silence that contained unspoken words, I believe, between Joel and I. I fought some ptsd in the moment as we stood there. We prayed to God who says fear not for I am with you. The Lord sent people to us. He sent a worker on the home, a man and his son who lived up the street, and a friend of Kenneth who claimed to have served prison time with him. His name was Jesse. Jesse had his girlfriend in the car with him and they have beautiful baby on the way. We prayed with them as well and Jesse asked for church contact information. They also received a free Bible and dvd. We embraced Jesse with a hug and then went door to door to evangelize the healing balm of the Gospel.
We spoke with a young man who was training for golden gloves. His name was Kenneth. We spoke of the shooting and the reality of mortality. A great one on one pursued as we explained the Law of God and the Gospel of Jesus Christ through the regenerating work of the Holy Spirit to Kenneth. He rejoiced with us, grieved with us, prayed with us, and also received a Bible, tract and dvd.
Afterward, Joel and I went to few more homes and ended at a porch with an older woman named Bernice and middle aged woman (I believe her great grandchild). A conversation similar to the one with Kenneth ensued. It was beautiful as tears gently ran down Bernices’ face. We prayed and read scripture and then headed back toward the vehicles. We almost pursued a one on one with a professed Muslim, but I felt the Lord lay upon me, “not now”. I praise God for His guidance because He had a much more beautiful appointment in store for us.
Joel and I decided to walk back to the porch again and as we did, we saw a woman and 2 children approach the porch and sit down on it. She was clearly mourning as she sat staring at the scene, so we stood behind cover, passed out a tract to a passer by with a brief conversation and waited for the women to finish her weeping. As she crossed over to the other side of the street I approached her with Joel close behind. I explained who we were and why we were there and she responded, “My name is___K__, his significant other and this is ______ and ______, his 2 sons (maybe 4 and 6).” She began to cry, I immediately embraced her and we wept. I knelt down before his children, thier children, and explained the truths of Scripture. We wept with her some more and talked. We all held hands as Joel prayed a beautiful prayer for us and then gave her all he had in his wallet along with precious words of comfort.
We spoke with her a little more, explaining Gods justice and mercy from Psalm 146 and Hebrews 9 and then her mother and father pulled up. The boys went across the street and __K___ stayed with us to mourn and grieve a little longer. We welcomed her tears with compassion that only Christ can provide. I embraced her one last time and she wept for what seemed to be forever, my shirt was wetted as God caught her tears. She embraced Joel and then we gave her contact information to New City and told her to come partake in more of the means of grace and how we longed to minister to her further. No pictures were taken of her or her children for the sake of confidentiality.
The proof that God exists is that you don’t need proof. The proof that God exists is that without Him, the Triune God of the Bible, you can’t make sense of anything. Apologetics and the Gospel are in tandem. It’s not just for your militant professing atheist, it’s for your weeping widow and orphans who had thier loved one murdered on the porch, who stare at pools of blood, flesh, flies and tears and can’t understand why God would allow such tragedy. What the world, the flesh and the devil mean for evil, God means for mans good and His ultimate glory. There is no inconsistency here, look to the cross! Hatred and sin overcome by divine love! God’s glory on display! Justice and mercy have kissed! There are only 2 kinds of people here; those who run from His arms and those who are embraced by them. Choose today whom you will serve. Life is meaningless without Christ. Wake up! People NEED Jesus. Jesus fullfilled the law, atoned for sin and bore the wrath of God on our behalf. The Gospel is salvation for all who repent and believe, and this is a gift from God by His marvelous grace.
We are but messengers, To God alone be the glory.
Corryn Elise, Jessica Nylen, Mika Edmondson, Sean McDonald


8-26-16 Heritage Abortion
The Hovens watched my youngest daughter again and enabled me to go out to the Heritage Abortion clinic during lunch. I planned to do more recon, pass out tracts and find some time and distance strategy for when law enforcement is called again. I did just that and was compelled to do more. I had a few one on one interactions and was able to get he name of a young woman inside who was having an abortion so I could plead for him to run from the dorm of death and into the Lord of Life.
First time I’ve used the gopro and still trying to figure it out, but I was able to record some clips of the one on ones. Blessings and may God be glorified.