Despite the desperate situation we found ourselves in tonight for our dear friend and regular congregant John, i managed to pray, read scripture, fix a dvd player, have a cup of black coffee and watch John pull of an epic Moonwalk! Lol these guys are a special and often difficult kind of crazy and i love them. I thank patrick for his recommwnding me to speak with the caretaker across the street.

On a serious note, If you could, please pray for John. It seems i run into him on the streets more than i do at church and he is hurting and in need of the satisfying love of Christ.


4-11-17 Discipleship Is Good!

The Team: Joel and myself

The Scripture: John 2

Before the outreach i went back yo the ardmore house to distribute a Bible and help a new friend, Bobby, out with a hobby of his.

Burton and Eastern grows on you. Being consistent in your community grows on you. Today, Cristian came out to ask us some questions and join the briefing, and we saw The Yeck (a regular named James) come out of hibernation. So…….one at a time everyone crammed into Joels car. We spoke with Cristian about Justification, Sanctification and Glorification based upon the questions he had for us. Joel turned to Phillipians 1 and it struck a chord with Cristian regarding life and death.

We went over John 2, spoke with James for a bit and equipped him with tracts and then went forth to proclaim the Gospel. Many heard, many rejoiced this evening, although Joel saw many hard hearts on his end. The Lord was faithful. He event sent a man from uganda to speak with us and the gentleman enjoyed the preaching very much and gave us his card and number. It was very encouraging. He didnt want to interupt. It was very encouraging.

Someone yelled “hail Satan”, which is interesting because every tongue will hail Christ. I pray he does that today and not tomorrow which is not promised.

The Lord heard our prayer for no law enforcement this evening and we praise Him alone.

Pray for our dear regulars who come to hear the Word of God. Pray for the Lord to continue His call on me in this field of souls. I have learned so much by His sovereign hand. Praise Him!


Not many people know the history of the “Doctor” at the local murder mill. May the Lord take this heart of stone and turn it to a heart of flesh, as he supernaturally did to mine. The man is sick and the reports in this article dont even go into some of the more detailed things of his criminial convictions. He likely drinks in an attempt to numb his concious for all the precious babies he had murdered. Gods Justice will be satisfied, either on the “Doctor” for all eternity in hell, or on Jesus so that the mercy of God would free the man to dwell in the courts of the Lord in the forgiveness of sins. Pray for him, oh saints, pray for this heartless man.


4-18-17 Be Quiet!

The team: Joel, Darryl, myself

The Chapter: John chapter 3

Tonight we had a handful of engagements and God was indeed faithfully proclaimed. Joel evangelized the harvest health and amidst much rejection he had a lengthy conversation with a professing reincarnationist and showed him his folly and pointed him to Christ, Darryl was on my 6 and engaged a group of kids as well as a man who said he would be guilty before God for sinning and said hed read the tract, and i took to the open air with a mox of repsonses today.

There was much support from passer bys, including people we knew, such a Naya and Lupe! ๐Ÿ™‚ I also had hateful responses. One point was a group of young men who jeered from their car qhile thier friend in the backseat listened intentfully and gave me a wave of support. DO NOT BE A BACKSEAT CHRISTIAN, be umashamed dear friends. I pray the proclamation gave him opportunity to witness. Then there was a woman who honked all the way down the road over and over again while signaling me with her pointer finger over her lips to gesture me to be quiet. She was a hypocrite in the act and needs Christ. So long as God wills it, i will not be silenced, i will not be quiet, i will not cease to proclaim the truth about who God is and who you are before Him. I will not cease to proclaim atop the mount of the one who came from mount Zion with good news for sinners! Faith comes by hearing maam, and hearing the Word of God. By what authority do you tell me to shut my mouth?

On the way home i ran into my friend John. He was walking down the sidewalk and so i decided to stop and say hello to him. He was insanely excited because he caught a dragonite downtown!! I rejoiced with him and we drove to walgreens to buy a cold drink and talk about some serious things troubling him. Hes a kind friend and i wish i had more time to spend with him. Today was a greatbday for heralding the Gospel after a long hard day of work. Time to go cuddle my wife. ๐Ÿ™‚

Soli Deo Gloria!


A Possible Outreach Opportunity: Sadly I could not make it

4-22-17 1

4-24-17 OutCry Tour 2017

The Team: Joel, Sean and myself

The Scripture: 2 Corinthians 4:1-7, Epheisians 2, Matthew

This year was different, but the Lord, as always, proves to be faithful to us. I was so eager to preach this year again, but the Lord had other plans. I didnt get much sleep sunday night due to a sour stomach and come monday morning a was down with the stomach bug and in the front leaning rest before a porcelyn throne and unable to go to work. The Lord, in His grace, sought to give me strength enough to drop off the equipment to the team. Joel would head up the outreach and Sean would take to the open air if they were able. Faithfully, the Lord raised up Sean, a bold soldier in the open air, and Joel who is a valiant servant on the ground. He also granted me grace enough to bring equipment, brief, pray, and distribute tracts and a few one on ones where we rejoiced in children and families who ascribe to the Lord all glory due His name and explained penal substitutionary atonement to a women at the concert whod never heard of Jesus taking the righteous wrath of God in our place to satisfy Gods perfect justice and making us one with God by grace through faith. Justification by faith alone. This made her eager to read the tract. ‘You mean Jesus frees us from sin, satan, the world, ourselves AND saves us from the righteous wrath of God?’

Yes. By Gods grace alone, through faith in Christ alone, we receive Christ as Lord and Savior and He gives us His righteousness. He who knew no sin, became sin for us, so that we might become the righteousness of God. What a glorious reality! The Gospel is personal, but its not private! ๐Ÿ™‚

Joel and i distributed all of our tracts to a crowd of 1k. Sean thundered the truths of Scripture with passion for an hour. A small crowd of outsiders remained and listened. The mission was a success. Cant wait until next time!

Frontline Apologetics enjoyed publicly preaching and distributing the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the Annual Outcry crowd. We love you! Christ is Lord!

Join us in prayer for baby Jeffy and family whom we met tonight. Children are indeed a blessing from the Lord ๐Ÿ™‚



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