As our mission statement says: ‘to equip the saints to witness to the world’

One of the primary goals of Frontline Street ministry is to equip the church in biblical evangelism by providing the experience, platform, tools and the training for congregations to do local Gospel ministry in their own communities. If you are interested, please don’t hesitate to contact us! First, we recommend choosing a form of ministry that you (a church member in good standing), a few congregants or your church are interested in. You may then come out a few times with our team and we will help you to discern and establish that form of Gospel ministry in the community of your own local church.

Additionally, we are available to in-house discussions on evangelism, apologetics, street ministry and open Q&A discussions on these topics and forms of ministry to get the conversation started.


Evangelism Bible- How to make your own Evangelism Bible.

Gospel Signs- Watchman Gospel Signs

Amplifier- Aker Amplifier

Gospel Tracts- One Million Tracts, Tract Society {free}, Chapel Library ($20 free per month with account)

Prayer Station- The Prayer Station kit

Stool- 18 in aluminum step stool (try harbor freight)

Bibles- esv outreach, study bibles

Backpack- day pack, camel back 2.5 liter bladder

Body Camera- gopro, axon body, Camm Pro

Medical- First Aid Kit

Hand Protection- Wind Resistent Disposable Nitrile Gloves

Noise Ordinance- In 2016, I was cornered and compelled to file lawsuit against the city of Grand Rapids for its broad and vague Noise Ordinance that was used in an attempt to silence the Gospel preaching. A 3 year lawsuit engaged that ultimately ended with a negative summary judgment from the city, a threat to cease the preaching and in response, an appeal from myself and my lawyer and finally a humble opportunity to share the Gospel with the city council and a gracious victory in having the new ordinance voted on and changed in 2019. Here is the grand rapids updated ordinance Sec. 9.63. – Prohibited Noise.