Biblical Evangelism is the spoken or written Law of God, Gospel of Jesus Christ and the call for sinners to repent and believe with sound doctrine according to the Bible. Many methods, but only one message; the Gospel. One biblical method is street preaching, so long as it is faithful to the Bible.

Street preaching is making a public appeal to God to save His people and making a public appeal to people to turn to their God by the open statement and heralding of the truth. Although there are many methods of evangelism, the most common method we see in the Bible is that of open air preaching, one on one conversations and sharing the written Word. As you read the Biblical text, you will see from Genesis to Revelation and from Noah to the return of Jesus, this beautiful thread of Gospel prophets, heralds, proclaimers, preachers and pleaders who share the Gospel in compassion without compromise and who are motivated out of the fear of the Lord, the love of Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit.

We reject the idea and practice of “works based evangelism”, earning the right to share the Gospel and doing mercy ministry at the expense of the Gospel. We also reject the idea and practice of preaching the Gospel at the expense of being concerned with having a genuine loving relationship with an image bearer and providing mercy ministry when able.

We believe that healthy intentional evangelism realizes that Jesus and His Gospel is always enough, but it is not intentionally void of mercy ministry and relationships. Often times, the unbiblical ideas and practices are a heart issue that manifest themselves clearly in the public speech and actions of professed believers and for this I am grieved. Grace abounds.

We believe that living a Life in light of the Gospel begins with the Gospel message and proclamation that is accompanied with the desire, eager anticipation of and actually living a godly life and having genuine loving relationships in the community with the aim of continuing mutually edifying Gospel ministry as we invite and call image bearers into the universal family of God and more specifically to the local church, by the unashamed open statement of the truth.