Dear Family and Friends, 

Your friendship, hospitality, prayers, and support over the last 10 years to me, my family and this ministry have been a faithful fuel that keeps this Gospel ministry moving forward.  

The street ministry is clearly, by God’s grace, very fruitful. Countless people have heard the Gospel and responded to it, and we have been blessed to see some of them street discipled, come to genuine repentance and faith and become regular attendees and members of solid churches. This has come through the ministry at B&E, Crisis Response, Annual outreach events, Abortion clinics, the ‘16-’19 lawsuit, the Comanche project and equipping Christians to share the Gospel as participants and members of the Frontline street ministry team. Thank you!

As we have grown in these contexts of street ministry, we are seeing the need to increase their reach, availability and access. After a decade of faithful serving we believe that God is calling me to transition into full-time ministry work in the streets of Grand Rapids.  

As my family and I have been praying and seeking wisdom from our local church leadership, we are now excited to announce that I am officially welcomed as a candidate to be a full-time Evangelistic Worker to Reformed Evangelistic Fellowship; a well-seasoned sending agency for full time non ordained evangelistic workers who are committed to the historic reformed faith. REF will now house my ministry and oversee its activities, reports and fundraising. In addition, we have established the Frontline Street Ministry Local Advisory Board. Rejoice with us!

We are eager to see God’s mission go forth but in order to make this happen we need financial assistance and support from you.  Please prayerfully consider participating as we joyfully pursue raising $100,000 a year to fully fund this important full-time Gospel ministry.   

To give you a picture of what full time ministry will look like, I will direct you to our website, Here, you can see what the Lord is doing. Full-time ministry will look just like this except at full capacity and support for the ministry and our family. That means we will be equipped to do ministry M-F from 9-5 and whenever duty calls, as we worship the Lord, grow in faith, bless our community and equip the saints to witness to the world the Good News of Jesus. Will you joyfully help us? 

We are asking for your continued prayer and encouragement. The best way to support us financially would be recurring monthly donations on the 1st or 15th of the month.

Thank you for the cheerful giving of your time, talents and treasures as we continue to bring the Gospel to the streets of Grand Rapids!

For Savior and Souls,

Stephen Nylen and family, Frontline Street Ministry

You may cheerfully give by going to the ‘Fund the Frontlines’ tab on our website.